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1 Million Cards





This article was originally posted to our Medium on September 28th, 2018. As of Feb 11, we have sold 3.2 million cards.

Sooooooo... Today we sold our millionth card in Gods Unchained, which is pretty insane considering we announced the game just 79 days ago.

Huge thanks go out to our community for helping us reach this awesome milestone. You all continue to impress us.

Next 1M milestone: users. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

We’re too busy ramping up for the beta launch to throw a party, but as a celebration let’s do some reflection.

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.

Daniel Bell

Yes, each card in Gods Unchained is an NFT; a tokenized asset living inside Ethereum. But it can be surprisingly easy to forget that it’s more than that, it’s art.

To date, over 100 artists from all walks of life have come together to create the visual experience which is Gods Unchained. Some of these artists are world-renowned. Some are unknown. But together they spent over 10,000 hours designing and illustrating our genesis set of cards. If we include the art players haven’t seen yet, the total time far exceeds this.

Some cards in our universe will be plentiful, enjoyed by the majority who play the game. Others will be incredibly rare, a privilege to those lucky enough to be blessed by the random number generation gods.

In honor of the art which will rarely see the light of day, let’s take a look at the five rarest cards.

These are rarites based on all card shines combined, excluding promo cards. There are multiple cards in Diamond quality which have 1 or 0 in existence.

For those lucky of you enough to own one of these cards, congratulations.

The craziest pull.

We also thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the 200,000 card packs opened to try and find one that defined what it means to be lucky. There were many awesome pulls, but this one is our team's favorite.

That’s 4 shadows and 2 legendaries in the same pack. For those of you who are curious, the probability of pulling 3 common shadows, 1 legendary, and 1 shadow legendary in the same pack are 1 in 6.4 billion. So it’s safe to say it may never happen again.

Oh, and there are also undiscovered diamonds?

When we talk about cards that nobody has yet to pull, many of you may think of Mythics. With the odds of finding one at 1 in a million, we’re officially overdue. But excluding Mythics, there are still 35 cards that have yet to be unpacked in diamond quality, including 2 rares, 13 epics, and 20 legendaries. We’re sending good juju to all you diamond hunters.

Anyways. Thanks again guys and gals.

Your support is seriously on another level. We’ll chat again soon (but if you can’t wait, join our Discord and say what’s up).

Much love,

The Fuel Games Team