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Last week we asked our email list to send us any burning questions they had. We’ve responded to everyone, so now we wanted to share answers to the questions we saw more than once. A couple, such as “How does forging work?” and “How will you deal with overpowered cards?” will be explained in future longer-form articles.

When can I have beta access?
This was by far the most popular question, and justifiably so. We appreciate that everyone is restless to play! The closed beta was designed to provide data on which features to prioritize while identifying critical bugs before releasing the game to more users.

From that, we’ve narrowed down on a few objectives we want to reach before opening the game up. This includes: 
- a new player tutorial
- 99% multiplayer server reliability
- 95% of cards implemented
- first version of our leveling/progression system.

Although we could start letting people in now, we’re convinced these features and performance goals need to be in place to ensure the game’s early success.

As for the question of when you can get in, although we can’t give an exact date (rather, we’ve learned not to announce them), our next update (~2 weeks away) will include massive reliability & performance upgrades as well as our new player tutorial. The following update will include our core leveling system, and we continue to implement more cards every week. This means opening up the beta is 2 short updates away.

We do appreciate everyone’s patience while we work to make your first experience with GU great. If you have yet to do so, make sure you create an Apollo account to get added onto the waitlist.

Are you hiring?
Yes! Look for an email in the next couple weeks with a list of open positions and how you can apply.

What are collectibles?
Collectibles are in-game cosmetics which don’t provide any competitive advantages but allow you to create unique in-game environments. For example, the limited edition Kitty Talisman, acquirable in our current CryptoKitties crossover event, sits on the corner of your board striking fear into your opponents. Cosmetics can be anything from card backs, to board pieces and more! They do not affect the gameplay but do allow you to flex on your opponent, and they are tradable NFTs.

When will the beta end?
Once open to all purchasers, the beta will last ~3 months while balancing occurs. We’re a little behind in the schedule we initially set, so don’t worry if you don’t yet have access; you’ll still have time to practice for the same period of time before the World Tournament.

What is the games sprint/release cycle?
Our game team has been running on four weeks sprints followed by two weeks of QA (although the last one was disrupted with Christmas and New Years breaks). They are now switching over to two-week sprints so you can expect more frequent updates.

I love the visuals and sounds. Are we getting more effects?
Yes, indeed! We’re only a small way into making the game an incredible experience, which includes VFX and SFX being produced every day. We’ve placed particular emphasis on giving every God a unique flavor and aesthetic.

When will the marketplace open / when can I trade cards?
The marketplace will launch around the time cards become tradable, which will be at the start of Season 1.

When will the game be on mobile devices?
We are working on performance updates, and that includes the goal of turning Gods Unchained into a mobile game. This has moved up our priority list to overtake VR, with the aim of having a mobile-ready version this year. Our goal is to hit 1 million users within a year of launching, and in doing so, bring blockchain gaming mainstream. Mobile is essential to that goal! We’re hiring mobile developers (among others), so keep an eye out for our letters in the next few weeks if you or your friends are in the market.

That’s all for now, but if you still have unanswered questions shoot us an email and we’ll be sure to respond!

Robbie & James Ferguson