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Balance Update – Mar 25





We are pleased to announce the final list of card changes for Trial of the Gods!

You may have noticed that over the course of the balancing phase, we started with large changes: (Ataraxia was very different back in the day, as was Jaguar Staff!) As the phase progressed, we generally lowered the scope of the changes as we were happier with the set. This final list of changes is our smallest, and we’re only making minor changes here, which means we’re pretty happy with where the set currently sits.

So what’s on the menu? We’ve got a few nerfs and a few buffs for you. We are slightly down-powering some cards to get them in line with expectations; all four of those cards are still solid. We are also adding affiliations (“tribes”) to four cards… those are minor buffs for now, but who knows what the future will bring? We’re also cleaning up a typo on Cruel Overseer…

From today, the Trial of the Gods balancing phase is over; essential gameplay of the cards will not be changed. We may reword cards for grammar, clarity, and consistency, but gameplay changes are now complete.

As a reminder, just because the balancing phase is ending, it doesn’t mean that the weakest cards will always be that way, or the strongest cards will always rule the roost. New cards are on the horizon, and we use Core and Welcome Set to adjust the meta as necessary. 

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the final changes, and remember to give us feedback!

I have feedback!


  • Diones, Spectral ScepticReduced Strength by 1.
    Changed from 3/3, to 2/3.
  • Return to the CaveReduced healing by 2.
    Changed from "Add two mana locks. Heal your god for 12." to "Add two mana locks. Heal your god for 10."
  • Hydna, Reef RaiderReduced Health by 1.
    Changed from 4/5 to 4/4.
  • Dionysus, the Bountiful Reduced number of cards added by 2.
    Changed from "Roar: Add nine random Nature cards to your hand. Set their costs to 1. Deal 4 damage to each enemy character." to "Roar: Add seven random Nature cards to your hand. Set their costs to 1. Deal 4 damage to each enemy character.".

Buffs / Changes

Thanks for joining us through the journey that was the Trial of the Gods balancing phase, we’ll see you in the Arena!

~Thandrie “Seeker” Davis, Lead Game Designer

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