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Collection Titles - Genesis & Beyond!





We’re changing how Collection Titles work to allow future sets to be added and counted towards your title, not just Genesis era cards. 

Collection Titles (previously known as collection levels/collection ranks/look at me now, moms) are a way for collectors to strut their stuff and show just how mighty their collection is.

With a new set on its way and more to come in the future, our current model needs a bit of tweaking so titles can reflect the entire card list, not just one section. 

The Genesis system 

For those that have been around since our Genesis period, you’d likely be familiar with the current (and soon to be retired) system. Starting from Initiate and working its way all the way up to Demigod, the Collection Title system was designed to reflect the amount of unique Genesis cards in each mortal’s inventory. This could be seen on the website, in our Discord server, and even on our limited-edition Genesis Boards with the appearance of the board evolving dependent on the final Collection Title of the individual.

The soon-to-be-retired Genesis structure was based around number of unique cards collected (unique cards = an individual card from a set, as duplicates of the same card don’t go towards deciding a Collection Title) and looked a little something like this:

With the launch of Trial of the Gods approaching, new cards will be entering collections, which raises the question: how will Collection Titles be measured going ahead?  

One structure to rule them all

The updated title system has been devised to not only accommodate the Trial of the Gods expansion, but each and every new set that releases in the future. 

The new structure will be based around the percentage of unique cards collected, which will obviously shift as new cards are added. Here’s what the new Collection Title percentages will look like for the Trial of the Gods season:

For newcomers, this means very little, as they’ll be starting from the bottom and working their way up as normal.

For those who currently hold a top spot, we understand that your title is not only a reflection of the cards you own, but a reflection of your contribution as a community member, a source of pride that took some hard games and crafty trading to attain – so we’ve factored that mindset into the process.

How are these titles reflected and when will they update? There are two major functions here: seasonal shifts and day by day updates.

Seasonal shifts

At the start of each new season, Collection Titles will shift for everyone based on the new total number of cards. This means that when Trial of the Gods launches, you will see your title shift as the percentage total will now incorporate both the Genesis set and the new expansion. 

However, we don’t want to take away from all of the effort that goes into gaining your Collection Title. When this adjustment is made each season, you won’t drop more than one title if you’ve kept at least one of each unique card in your previous collection. 

  • Example 1: If you haven’t sold any of your unique Genesis cards up until this point, you’ll only move down one title when the new percentage structure goes live. 
  • Example 2: If you have been trading your unique Genesis cards away, you may drop more than one title until your Collection Title accurately reflects the percentage of cards you own. 

This ensures mortals who have worked hard to earn their title won't experience a drastic shift, maintaining a high title as a badge of honor. But as soon as mortals begin selling unique cards, their Collection Titles will adjust based on the day to day system below to be an accurate reflection of their collection.

Regardless, you can expect every mortal to go down at least one title due to percentage changes alone as a result of the expanding card pool. 

Day by day

As you gain and lose cards throughout the season (for example: buying packs or selling cards) your title will be automatically updated. This will happen instantly in areas such as the launcher and the website, and daily on Discord. Your overall Collection Title will be determined by the percentage of unique cards you own when compared to all unique GU sets in existence. 

In the short term, we’ll be only counting Genesis and Trial of the Gods cards (not Core cards) in these percentages. We’re looking at changing this going ahead. 

For those who have only dropped one Collection Title from the previous season, they will still have the ability to earn higher titles during the season by purchasing more unique cards, but if they sell a unique card, their titles will decrease to accurately match their current percentage.

  • Example 1: If you buy enough unique cards to reach the next Collection Title, your Collection Title will increase as normal.  
  • Example 2: If you own three "Spooky Ghost Pal" cards and you sell two of them, you will retain your current title. 
  • Example 3: If you own one "Spooky Ghost Pal" card and you sell your one and only copy of this card, you will drop to a title that reflects your current collection.

Regardless of moving up and down titles, if you earned any title-based rewards in previous seasons (such as the Genesis boards) these won’t be altered. Like all other items, these assets are immutable and won’t change. A Demigod board will always be a Demigod board.

These changes will be coming into effect with the launch of Trial of the Gods and will account for any changes to your overall Gods Unchained Collection Title. If you want to check your current title, head to the website or our Discord.

Happy collecting, mortals!

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