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Community Contest 1 Winners





Mortals, the gods gave you a challenge, and you chose to accept. The War of Aggression contest took place from 15 - 18 November, and all fearless citizens could participate. The aim - strategically build decks to meet the eligibility criteria set forth and outsmart your opponent in Daily Play & Earn to win! What was the contest? Build a deck that ONLY has cards costing 5 Mana or less. It was tough, yet you rose and defeated numerous opponents.

Now, the fruit of your labor is found in this treasure sheet. All hail the champions of the first Community Contest - War of Aggression! Drum roll, please, for we have the mightiest Mortals receiving rewards in $GODS. What next? The payout will take place before the end of the week; please be sure to have your wallet linked.

ICYMI: Community Contest is live for approximately three more weeks. We’d love mortals to participate and reap the rewards far and wide. The whole schedule is here:

  • 22 Nov-25 Nov 00:00 UTC: Golden Age: Your deck must include cards from Genesis, Trial of the Gods, and Divine order sets ONLY.
  • 29 Nov-2 Dec 00:00 UTC: Divine Conflict: Your deck must contain a Card from Death, Nature, or War, aka be devoted to one of these domains.
  • 6 Dec-9 Dec 00:00 UTC: Stuff of Legends: Your deck must contain AT LEAST 10 Legendary Cards.

Please check out the official blog post and reward structure on Community Contests for more information. Prepare your decks, and visit GUDecks to check out the active contests! I bid you farewell!
Winners - Sheet here