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Content Creator Program Code of Conduct

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Content Creator Program Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct goes hand in hand with the Gods Unchained Terms of Service, which you must agree to before playing.

The Gods Unchained Content Creator Program aims to promote the Gods Unchained game through the efforts of our dedicated content creators. As members of this program, it is essential to maintain a respectful and non-offensive environment for all users. This Code of Conduct outlines the expected behavior and guidelines that all program participants are required to adhere to.

  1. Respectful Conduct:
  2. Treat all community members, players, and other content creators with respect and courtesy.
  3. Avoid engaging in personal attacks, discrimination, or harassment based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other protected characteristic.
  4. Be mindful of your language and tone in all communications. Refrain from using offensive or inflammatory language.
  5. Positive Engagement:
  6. Encourage constructive and positive discussions within the community.
  7. Promote fair play and good sportsmanship when engaging with other players.
  8. Offer helpful and constructive feedback and support to fellow content creators, fostering a collaborative environment.
  9. Compliance with Laws and Guidelines:
  10. Abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and terms of service while promoting Gods Unchained.
  11. Respect intellectual property rights and only use authorized content or materials in your creations.
  12. Do not engage in any activity that violates the Gods Unchained terms of service or community guidelines.
  13. Don’t lead users to believe NFTs or Tokens are investments:
  14. Your content should provide factual information about Gods Unchained focusing on gameplay mechanics and features.
  15. Do not make any representations regarding any price, profits or speculative returns which may or may not be available by playing the Gods Unchained game or purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency (including $GODS) or NFTs or which could reasonably lead users to believe that NFTs or cryptocurrency should be purchased or treated as a security, financial product or speculative investment.
  16. Do not offer, solicit, advise or recommend that any user purchase any cryptocurrency (including $GODS) or NFTs.
  17. Authenticity and Transparency:
  18. Be transparent about any sponsorships, promotions, or affiliations related to your content (including your participation in this program).
  19. Clearly disclose any paid or compensated content to maintain trust with your audience.
  20. Do not misrepresent yourself, the Gods Unchained game, or any related products or services.
  21. Responsible Content Creation:
  22. Create content that is appropriate for all audiences, including minors.
  23. Refrain from using or promoting explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content.
  24. Ensure your content is accurate, reliable, and factual. Avoid spreading misinformation or false claims.
  25. Collaboration and Teamwork:
  26. Foster a spirit of collaboration and support among fellow content creators.
  27. Respect the intellectual property and creative work of others.
  28. Seek permission and give appropriate credit when using or referencing the work of others.
  29. Reporting Violations:
  30. Report any violations of this Code of Conduct to the program administrators.
  31. Provide detailed and specific information about the incident, including evidence if available.
  32. Respect the confidentiality of any investigations or discussions related to reported incidents.

Consequences of Violation: Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to warnings, suspension, or termination from the Gods Unchained Content Creator Program.