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Divine Order: Buyers Guide





Divine Order marks the second set of Season 1: Champions Rise and with it comes a host of tools that drastically expand the game. New mechanics allow mortals to stop aggressive cards in their tracks, brush off powerful attacks, and summon relentless creatures. Whether you’re a card collector, a pro player, or a market mogul – this is your one-stop shop to help you uncover the Divine Order items that best suit you. 

Divine Order: the expansion set

Divine Order is a set of cards that expands the game of Gods Unchained. There are 194 collectable cards in total, which are broken down as follows:

  • 79 Commons 
  • 57 Rares 
  • 32 Epics 
  • 26 Legendaries

On top of the above, there are also 6 special Promo cards and 1 one-of-a-kind Mythic to collect:

  • 1 Mythic card with only a single copy in circulation
  • 6 Epic Promo Cards, which will only be discoverable in Divine Order packs after the Mythic is found.

During the Divine Order sales period, these cards can be obtained by purchasing card packs and chests from the Gods Unchained website. Chests will become available at a later point, but will not be purchasable from the beginning of Divine Order’s release. There are a finite amount of Divine Order packs available, which means this sales period runs for a limited time. 

To celebrate the release of the new expansion, Divine Order packs will start at a 20% discount that will decrease with each sale as we approach $6,000,000 USD in sales. After that all packs will continue to be sold at full price until the sale ends at the discretion of Immutable. We will give 14 days (two weeks) notice before the Divine Order set is removed from sale.

Discount Calculation

The Divine Order early-bird special will use a ramp price calculation to decrease the discount amount over the course of the offering. After the early-bird special ends, Divine Order packs will be sold at full price. To calculate the discount percentage at any given time, we'll be using the below calculation:


Discount % = 20%

Divine Order Card Packs & Chests

Divine Order Packs come in four different forms: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Each pack contains 5 cards and, any Divine Order card can appear in any pack, the higher tier packs ensure drops of higher rarity. All prices are listed in USD. See 'Rarity and Quality drop rates' for more on the below terms.

1 Legendary cardEpic Card Pack$6.993 Common cards or betterCost in US DollarsShiny Legendary Pack$149.992 Common cards or betterRare Card Pack$2.494 Common cards or betterLegendary Card Pack$24.993 Common cards or better1 Epic card or better1 Rare card or better1 Shiny Common card or better1 Rare card or better1 Rare card or betterPackContents1 Shiny Legendary card1 Rare card or better

Divine Order Chests contain 6 card packs that share the chest’s rarity level, they will also tradable before they are opened, but more on this below. Divine Order Chests will not be available at launch. These will become available for sale at a later point.

Legendary Chest$149.996 Legendary packsContentsRare Chest$14.996 Rare packsCost in US DollarsChest

Rarity and Quality drop rates

All Gods Unchained cards have a Rarity value. These are shown by the colored crystals on either side of a card’s nameplate. A gray crystal indicates a Common card, pale blue: a Rare card, purple: an Epic card, and gold means the gods must look favorably upon you, mortal, because you’ve landed yourself a Legendary card!

As to Shiny cards, this refers to the quality of a card which is the overall color of the cards themselves. There are six qualities: Plain, Meteorite, Shadow, Gold, Diamond, and Mythic. Expansion cards found in a card pack or chest, such as those from Divine Order, will always be Meteorite or higher. For an expansion card to be considered 'Shiny', it means it is a quality higher than Meteorite, being either Shadow, Gold, or Diamond quality.

Pictured: A Rat of Healing at Gold quality (note the card color) and Epic rarity (note the gem color)

The two outliers are Plain, and Mythic. Plain cards mean the card is not on the blockchain and are not yet tradable, and only cards from the Mythic set can be Mythic quality.

Here is a list of the sorts of cards that can appear in each slot in a card pack:

Slot types per pack:

Card slotRare packEpic packLegendary packShiny Legendary pack1Rare cardEpicLegendaryShiny Legendary2CommonRareRareRare3CommonCommonCommonCommon4CommonCommonCommonCommon5CommonCommonCommonShiny Common

With this information, we can now look into the chances of getting a card from each of these “buckets”.

Rarity probability by slot type:

Card typeCommon slotRare slotEpic slotLegendary cardCommon Card92.4890%000Rare Card6.1875%85.294%00Epic Card1.1580%12.8675%98.1615%0Legendary Card0.1655%1.8385%1.8385%100%

With Divine Order, we’ve returned to our roots and the Mythic will have a chance of dropping in every pack purchased. Once it is found, it will be replaced with a chance at one of six god themed rat promotional cards.

Mythic and Promo probability by pack type:

 ProbabilityRare packEpic packLegendary packShiny Legendary packMythic0.0002%0.0006%0.0022%0.0134%Promo0.01%0.03%0.01%0.01%

All cards acquired through card packs are of Meteorite quality or above, which means they’ll be tradable once minted to Immutable X (see Balancing Phase & Trading). 

Below is a list of drop rates based on card quality. Note that in Shiny Legendary packs, the fifth card is guaranteed to be a Legendary of Shadow quality or above, and the Mythic is always unique:

QualityMost cardsShiny Common or Shiny LegendaryMeteorite93.8%0%Shadow5%74.8%Gold1%25%Diamond0.2%0.2%

Card Packs and Chests: what’s the difference? 

Card packs are opened automatically after purchase and the cards found inside are applied to your Gods Unchained account and Immutable X wallet. Due to the nature of the blockchain, the pack opening experience is visual only. After purchase, the cards are already in your collection.

Chests bundle six card packs together (which all act like regular card packs) but, unlike packs, the chests themselves can be saved, traded and opened at a later date. Chests will not be available at launch, but may be available at a later date. There will be a limited amount of chests available and no more will be made once their number has been exhausted. Chests are opened through the website (not the game launcher), which then causes the packs inside to be opened and added to your account. Once opened, the chest itself is no longer tradable.

Balancing Phase and trading

As with all new card sets, Divine Order will undergo a live balancing beta post-release known as the Balancing Phase. This is a period of time where newly released cards are used in a live environment so we can track how these cards perform, with the option to alter any imbalances that emerge. The Balancing Phase runs for at least 60 days, with the potential to introduce additional 30-day terms if needed. If this comes to pass, the extension will be announced two weeks before the intended end of the Balancing Phase. Once balancing is complete, the Divine Order set will become “closed” and its cards will not have further changes to its essential gameplay. 

There are two things that will affect trading: 

Balancing Phase: During this phase, any cards discovered through the pack openings will be freely available to trade on the open market, but a card's utility and details are subject to change during this period, so trade with this in mind.

Immutable X Minting: Cards will be playable in-game from purchase, and will be minted into Immutable X and ready to trade shortly after a purchase is made. 

Product availability

The Divine Order sale works a little differently to previous expansion packs. The purchase process makes use of the Immutable X platform for payments as well as pack distribution, meaning as soon as your payment has been processed successfully, the packs purchased will be available in your Gods Unchained account, and cards minted directly on Immutable X.

The discount period will also run until a sales cap of $6 Million USD has been reached, after which packs will continue to be available for purchase without the discount rate until removed from sale at the discretion of Immutable.

The Divine Order sale will initially include packs only and no chests. The capability to mint chest to Immutable X is in progress and chests will be made available for sale once we have this functionality enabled.

Sales will also be limited to payment in ETH only. ETH will need to be deposited into Immutable X from your MetaMask wallet before a purchase.

To account for fluctuation, ETH/USD exchange rates for our packs and chests will be set and adjusted at a regular cadence currently set at every 10 minutes, but may fluctuate to support system stability.

Collection titles

The new expansion is adding over 190 new cards to the table, building upon the ever growing base of cards. With this, we're retiring Collection Title rewards starting with the Divine Order set, as asking mortals to collect every card in the game is becoming a very big task, and an unsustainable one. We may bring this back in one iteration or a future set with different mechanics, but for now, Collection Titles will be purely used for Discord purposes. For an update on our approach here, please visit this post.

Happy collecting, mortals!