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Game Update 0.41 - Stealth Mode Activated





We’ve got a combination of stealth, FX and maintainability upgrades in this Game Update, mortals! Read on for the scoop on what’s new in 0.41.

Stealth Mode Activated

*DING* The noise of the Discord “mortals” notification echoes through the room, alerting you to an incoming balance bundle from the Gods Unchained team. A combination of excitement and sadness flows through you: elation at the prospect of a fresh meta, but despair that you won’t be able to play any Gods Unchained matches while the team rolls out the balance bundle on the back end…

GOOD NEWS MORTALS! Those conflicting emotions are no more! 0.41 is here, and with it, the functionality for the Gods Unchained team to update and push out balance bundles WITHOUT having to stop matchmaking. The process will instead look a lil somethin’ like this: play a game of Gods Unchained, decimate your opponent, return to the home screen, see an ‘Update Required’ notification, update as required, NEW BALANCE CHANGES.

As always, with any balance changes we’ll post an announcement linking out to information on all the buffs, nerfs and anything in between so you’ll still have visibility on what’s been updated.

FX Buffs

For all those die-hards in the metaphorical room, this one goes out to you. Anti-Aliasing has been levelled up in game, with the functionality to toggle it on and off using the PostFX button. No more jagged edges and blurred lines, only that sweet, crisp, high-def quality for y’all now.

Gods “Maintainable” Unchained

The team has methodised, simplified, abstracted and streamlined a whole bunch of behind the scenes aspects to ensure that Gods Unchained is maintainable, and most importantly, easily upgradable. This won’t reflect any changes from your side of the park, but from our end it means we’re now more easily able to adapt to code improvements and scaling measures.

The Other Stuff

Less glamorous, but still important are the little things in Game Update 0.41. We’ve applied a fix to resolve an issue where ward may not have been removed after certain (and usually multiple) effects are triggered. This is great because it means cards will now work as intended, how good! We’ve also resolved an issue where an opponent’s card with Order was sometimes showing a value of 0.

That’s all for now folks, until next time!

- Citadel Herald