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$GODS: A General Update





Well hello Mortals!

It’s been a whirlwind of a time here for us over at Gods Unchained HQ, so we thought we’d give you a little insight as to what we’ve been up to in regards to $GODS.

First and foremost, there’s the much awaited question of ‘wen forge’. There’s been so many different teams working hard on getting this live and ready for you all, and we’re excited to share more details as they come. For now:

  • The most important piece of the puzzle is that the economy team has been drafting up the plans of what Forge 2.0 will look like, utilising both $GODS and flux. This has included data analysis to help determine how to balance the costs of Flux and $GODS when fusing cards, then putting proposals forward on what we believe will be the best result for you, our community. More on this to come! 
  • The engineering team has also been readying the cannons to ensure $GODS are accessible, distributable, tangible and all the other good things we know a gaming token has to be. In tandem with this, they’ve been working on doing the backend tasks to make sure the combination of $GODS and flux in the Forge works seamlessly. 
  • In general, getting the revamped Forge out is one of our key goals that the Gods Unchained team as a whole is working on right now. Our goal is to be able to introduce the new Forge to our community by the end of the year, with the caveat that it will require some level of balancing and iteration as we go forward. 
  • The only other thing we’re going to say on this for now, is keep your eyes peeled in the lead up to the end of the year! 

So, what’s next you may ask! There are two pieces of information we can talk briefly about here, with more information coming down the line very, very soon.

The first is the future of play to earn for Gods Unchained. We’re excited to announce a play to earn campaign for all Gods Unchained users, where players can earn $GODS by playing the game. Welcome, “Blessing of the GODS”! We’re super excited about this particular event, because we see it as being the stepping stone to unlocking a plethora of play to earn experiences in the near future. For more information on this event, please visit this blog.

The second is the question of “what will happen to my flux when the Forge with $GODS re-opens?”. We are happy to announce that flux will still be used for fusing purposes alongside $GODS. On top of that, we are setting aside some $GODS to flux holders upon the reopening of the Forge. The data snapshot for this has already been taken. We see this as a way to jumpstart everyone’s access to fusing, and kick off the new iteration of Gods Unchained’s play to earn in style.

Last but not least, for the information that’ll get you really excited (if you aren’t already!), visit here.

That’s all for now Mortals,

Citadel Herald