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Gods Unchained Holiday Break





Woah, what a year! Isn’t it wild to think at the start of the year Immutable X was a pipe dream, and now we have a fully functional Layer 2 where mortals have made literally millions of trades (more than $20 million USD Gods Unchained cards traded between players on Immutable X). Trial of the Gods sold out, Divine Order flew into the scene, the $GODS token came to life, and with it The Forge and fusing made a triumphant return. In the last week alone, we’ve seen as many matches of Gods Unchained played as all of 2020 combined. We passed 13 million Gods Unchained NFTs out in the wild, with over 65 thousand unique asset holders. It’s been a stellar year, and a lot of it comes from the team and the community working together to make Gods Unchained what it is.

We’re winding down for the year, as the team heads on a well earned break for the holidays to spend time with their friends, fur-babies, and families. Over this period, we’ll have a skeleton crew working to ensure the game is supported from a technical perspective, but you’ll see far less messaging and comms from the team over the break. We’ll be back at full capacity January 3 PST.

Thanks so much for everyone who supported us through 2021, whether you were a veteran or a new recruit, you’ve made it such a special year and we’re stoked to look back at what we’ve achieved together this year.

As a parting gift, our new Narrative Designer Ian Taylor has put together a holiday gift: Best Friends: The Man's Hat. It’s a short and whimsical tale that looks at how two of Eucos’ best and bravest came to be the greatest of mates. Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.