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Immutable X: Genesis, Core, and more!





It’s here, mortals! Genesis cards have been minted to Immutable X and are now open to gas-free trades. What’s more? Core, Promo, and Etherbots cards have been minted to Immutable X alongside them. This means all the following sets are now tradable on Immutable X:

  • Trial of the Gods 
  • Genesis 
  • Core (Meteorite cards and above)
  • Etherbots
  • Promo

What’s the deal?

All the above sets (excluding Trial of the Gods) had previously been minted and were tradable on Ethereum mainnet. As a result, these cards were subject to ever shifting gas fees, which stifled trading. These cards have now been moved to Immutable X at no cost to NFT holders, the layer 2 solution that provides gas-free trading. 

I want cards!

And you can have them! Head to the Immutable X Marketplace and search for the cards that you have been eagerly waiting to find, or simply browse the marketplace. Once other mortals list the above cards for sale, you’ll be able purchase from other traders, as well as sell them yourself. 

Note: We recommend mortals only purchase cards from a verified marketplace listed below. 

Verified Marketplaces

Our friends at TokenTrove have delisted L1 NFTs from their marketplaces, and will be replacing them with the L2 version once full Immutable X integration has been finished. Why? 1. so you can trade without gas fees, of course, and 2. to avoid mortals being scammed by inactive NFTs (see below). For now, the only verified marketplace to trade all cards on is the Immutable X marketplace. We strongly advise you do not trade cards on any other marketplace until they fully support L2 trading. Doing so on L1 means you can potentially purchase an inactive NFT (see below).



  • OpenSea (Coming soon. Do not purchase L1 cards from OpenSea as they are likely inactive NFTs.)

What about my L1 cards?

To save you the cost of transferring your cards from Ethereum mainnet onto Immutable X (which requires gas), we have re-minted all versions of these cards onto Immutable X. This means that all owners will have two versions of each NFT:

  • The active NFT is the token that is usable in-game, and eventually tradable on all the above verified marketplaces while the token is in Immutable X. You have complete ownership of this NFT, but the token will not be visible in your mainnet wallet unless it is withdrawn from Immutable X.
  • The inactive NFT has no Gods Unchained utility, as its utility has been transferred to the active NFT during the re-minting process. You also own this NFT, and it may appear in your wallet, but it is not usable in-game, and not tradable on verified marketplaces.

If you can’t see your cards on a verified marketplace, make sure you link the wallet with your assets to Immutable X. Once this is done, simply play a game of Gods Unchained to trigger the minting process and your cards will appear in the inventory on your chosen marketplace shortly after.


Having trouble? Here’s how to link your wallet

A leap in the rollout

Until now, we have been following the Immutable X rollout closely. As we’ve moved through it, we saw an opportunity to move more cards into Stage 4 (which was initially just Genesis), and we jumped at the chance. We’ve now updated the Immutable X rollout page to reflect this change, with Stage 4 including the extra sets. Essentially, we’ve combined a few stages into this one, which means a speedier rollout all up. 

The next phase we tackle is Stage 5: Core fusing in the Forge. 

Open the gates

With this step, the Gods Unchained exclusive early access period has come to an end, and you’ll start to see other partners beginning to join the ecosystem too. This means you’ll begin to see more NFTs on the marketplace outside of Gods Unchained, and the Layer 2 ecosystem begin to expand!

Happy trading mortals.

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