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Meet Harry Rex - Senior Producer





In this month's edition of Meet The Team, we're meeting a man responsible for the development and production of Gods Unchained.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m the Senior Producer on Gods Unchained and come from a background of working on multiple Mobile games across Australia and New Zealand. Nothing excites me more than a well-written Jira ticket. Love an ice-cold beer, especially when enjoyed on a hot day at the beach—self-taught mixologist, which I counteract with heavy sessions in the gym. My favorite game of all time is a Naughty Dog classic, Jak 3. Presently I am playing Horizon: Forbidden West.

Tell us in a sentence or two about your career to date.

Before joining Immutable, I developed multiple titles for PikPok, a New Zealand company. I’ve leapfrogged between Australia & New Zealand throughout my career, enjoying the spoils of both countries.

When did you join web3, and why?

I joined web3 in 2020 when I joined Immutable. The concept of digital ownership of game assets, and utilizing the blockchain to do so was intriguing to me. The opportunity to be at the forefront of an emerging industry was also enticing.

Tell us about your role and when did you begin?

I am presently the Senior Producer on Gods Unchained, meaning I am responsible for building the development roadmaps, capacity planning, and ensuring that we can hit the deadlines we commit to as a team. I was the lead of the Mobile version of Gods Unchained for a long period, starting in July 2020 when I joined Immutable. I still oversee mobile development, just at a higher level than prior.

Does this mean, mobile is a go?

Definitely, it’s personal at this point!

Alright, we'll hold you to it. What are the most critical areas of focus for production this year?

Putting more systems in place that allow us to more confidently and accurately forecast development timelines. We will also continue to mature our development pipelines to allow for more consistent, impactful, and reliable delivery of Gods Unchained’s upcoming features & content. All of this on the backdrop of additional experimentation and learning to iterate & learn from our wins and losses. If we do this well, we're poised to have a great year!

On a more fun topic, what are your predictions for the 2023 gamefi industry?

I think with the state of the web3 industry on the whole, and potential economic downturn, I believe gamefi will enter a learning phase. Taking a step back and really looking at the missteps of failed gamefi projects, and finally beginning to release games that people want to play, because they are fun & well designed, and not because they believe they can turn a profit. If done correctly, 2023 could very much be the year that we begin to see mainstream gamers begin to adopt web3 games into their roster, for the reasons listed above, and begin to bridge that gap between audiences.

And in your opinion, what are the main stumbling blocks to develop a blockchain game?

There's so much concern around legality and legislation. I can talk about a personal experience. When we ran blockchain raffles for previous sets it was a nightmare. Different regions have different laws surrounding raffles and giveaways, so navigating that was difficult, along with scheduling all the different pieces, including which block to snapshot. This is still fresh as we finally minted the L2 assets from the Mythic & Shadow draws, which I was a part of. If you wonder why we adopted different distribution methods for our mythics & cosmetics, this is the glimpse behind the curtain ;).

Some words of wisdom for the community to help navigate 2023 better...

  • When in doubt, get on the beers (provided you are of legal drinking age in your part of the world, legal asked me to include this).
  • Only partially joking, but remember to prioritize yourself sometimes. Markets rise and fall, but always ensure you do something for yourself before doing something for others.

Where can we reach you?

You don’t reach me; I reach you with a very particular set of skills!