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Meet Jeremy Giraudet - Software Engineer





Gathering a capable team to create a game ground up is a complicated task. Not only do all the members need to get along, but each individual also needs to be versed in various skills. With new experience and skills comes a fresh perspective, a viewpoint perhaps previously missed.


In this Meet the Team series, we will get to know Jeremy Giraudet, a man of many talents and abilities. Joining the software engineering team, Jeremy has been a great influence on all the team members and the development path alike.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a French Australian software engineer working for Immutable. My 50-year-old objectives are “getting my pilot license” and “playing guitar in a band.” 

I’m not yet vegan, and I’m not yet a recycling expert, but I am a big fan of any initiative designed to take a step towards a better consuming strategy for our society.

I love traveling and have been to quite a lot of Asian countries since I’m in Australia. I also spent 4 months backpacking in South America, where I learned Spanish. Neat fact, I studied Spanish in the school constructed in the house where Pablo Escobar died.

Tell us in a sentence or two about your career to date.

Starting as a mechanical engineer in the aircraft industry, I quickly moved to project management. I was responsible for deploying biometric solutions for AUS/NZ zone (airport Smartgate, fingerprint scanners).

After that, approximately 7 years ago, I moved on to the startup scene, and since then, I have worked for 6 startups and studied Tech Engineering in London. During my time in my last startup, I played the role of technical co-founder but had to deal with nearly everything. I had to juggle tech, pitch to the investors, take care of marketing and sales strategy, and so on. While the load was heavy, it was definitely one of the most insightful experiences I've had to date.

When did you join Gods Unchained, and why?

I wanted to experience what it feels like to be part of a successful startup in the hyper-growth phase. I knew I would be surrounded by the best professionals, giving me the opportunity to expand my skill set. This was also a huge motivation for me to grow fast and learn more. 

Moreover, the web3 world is full of opportunities, and being part of Immutable meant to be part of building the future of web3. This is usually also something that makes you feel unique and proud.

What’s different about being a software engineer at a blockchain game?

The unknown, the potential yet to be explored. As opposed to Web 2.0 SaaS companies, where we follow the handbook to improve the traditional growth metrics, there is no book in web3. We are the ones writing the book, and we are going to tear off lots of pages as we progress the story. This space is still very, and no one has reached its peak potential. 

What Web3 needs, is a lot of experimentation, therefore, “test and iterate” should be in our theme, and we should not be scared of failures as each failure is a great learning opportunity.

What’s the most exciting launch on your radar currently?

The mobile version. We still have a long way to go, but we will get it done, I promise you that!

What is the ideal version of the game for you?

I would like to find new ways to use NFT cards outside of the game. One of the key advantages of blockchain technologies is that all these NFTs could also be used in another game or an entirely different setting. I would love to explore this potential in Gods Unchained and hope to see it implemented in some way or form in the future.

What's Gods Unchained's path in the next 5 years?

I think GU will grow into the first truly sustainable Web3 game, and we will build a whole ecosystem around the narrative. I also think the marketplace is going to be more vibrant than ever! Wait until you see what we're working on.

Where can we reach you, Jeremy?

I'd love to chat with the community! You can follow me on Twitter or drop by on LinkedIn.