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Mortal Judgement Buyer's Guide





Mortal Judgement is the final major expansion set of Season 1: Champions Rise. The gods are chained, the natural world is warping, and humanity is on the brink of war. The new set depicts a world upended under a black sun, with new keywords and game mechanics reflecting the state of Eucos. 


Regardless of whether you’re a card collector, trader, or player – this guide will take you through the collectables available in Mortal Judgement.

Mortal Judgement: the expansion set

Mortal Judgement is a set of cards that expands the game of Gods Unchained. There are 197 collectable cards in the Mortal Judgement set, which are broken down as follows:

  • 80 Commons
  • 64 Rares 
  • 23 Epics 
  • 30 Legendaries
A boat with a fox head

On top of the above, there’s also a chance of special drops in packs:

  • 1 Mythic card with only a single copy discoverable in Mortal Judgement packs.
  • 1 Legendary Promo card, which will only be discoverable in Mortal Judgement packs after the Mythic is found.

During the Mortal Judgement sales period, these cards can be obtained by purchasing card packs from the Gods Unchained website and will be instantly tradable. Chests may become available at a later point, but will not be purchasable from the beginning of Mortal Judgement’s release. There are a finite amount of Mortal Judgement packs available, which means this sales period runs for a limited time.

Early Bird Discount

To celebrate the release of the new expansion, Mortal Judgement packs will start at a 20% discount that will decrease with each sale as we approach $10,000,000 USD in sales. After that all packs will continue to be sold at full price until the sale ends at the discretion of Immutable. We will give 14 days (two weeks) notice before the Mortal Judgement set is removed from sale.

The Mortal Judgement early-bird special will use a ramp price calculation to decrease the discount amount over the course of the offering. After the early-bird special ends, Mortal Judgement packs will be sold at full price. To calculate the discount percentage at any given time, we’ll be using the below calculation:

((1 - (MAX_DISCOUNT_SALES - REMAINING_SALES) / MAX_DISCOUNT_SALES) * Discount %)MAX_DISCOUNT_SALES = $10,000,000Discount % = 20%

Mortal Judgement card packs

Mortal Judgement packs come in four different forms: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Each pack contains five cards and, while any Mortal Judgement card can appear in any pack, the higher tier packs ensure drops of higher rarity. 

All prices are listed in USD. See ‘Rarity and Quality drop rates’ for more on the below terms.

1 Rare card or better2 Epic cards or betterContents1 Legendary cardCost in US Dollars1 Shiny Common card or betterMortal Judgement Legendary Card Pack$24.993 Common cards or betterMortal Judgement Shiny Legendary Pack$149.992 Common cards or betterMortal Judgement Epic Card Pack$6.993 Common cards or better1 Shiny Legendary card1 Rare card or betterPackMortal Judgement Rare Card Pack$2.494 Common cards or better1 Rare card or better

Drop rates from Mortal Judgement packs

There are many factors that go into what cards appear in your card packs, where they appear, and why they appear. Below we’ll go through what these rates are, but first, let’s brush up on the terminology.   

Rarity: All Gods Unchained cards have a Rarity value. These are shown by the colored crystals on either side of a card’s nameplate. A gray crystal indicates a Common card, pale blue: a Rare card, purple: an Epic card, and gold means the gods must look favorably upon you, mortal, because you’ve landed yourself a Legendary card!

Quality: As to Shiny cards, this refers to the quality of a card which is the overall color of the cards themselves. There are six qualities: Plain, Meteorite, Shadow, Gold, Diamond, and Mythic. Expansion cards found in a card pack or chest, such as those from Mortal Judgement, will always be Meteorite or higher. For an expansion card to be considered ‘Shiny’, it means it is a quality higher than Meteorite, being either Shadow, Gold, or Diamond quality.

The outlier is the Mythic, as only cards from the Mythic set can be Mythic quality.

Learn more about card sets, qualities, and rarities here

MJ Promo Card: Spitfire

Pictured: The Promo card Spritefire in Meteorite quality (note the card color) and Legendary rarity (note the gem color). 

Card slots

When opening a pack, each card slot is given a rarity based on that pack. A rarity slot affects what kinds of cards will appear in that slot. Below is a list of the rarity slots that will replace each card pack slot.

Card slotRare packEpic packLegendary packShiny Legendary pack1RareEpicLegendaryShiny Legendary2CommonEpicRareRare3CommonCommonCommonCommon4CommonCommonCommonCommon5CommonCommonCommonShiny Common

Rarity drop rates

Below is the chance of a card rarity appearing in each slot.

Card typeCommon slotRare slotEpic slotLegendary slotCommon card92.4890%000Rare card6.1875%85.294%00Epic card1.1580%12.8675%98.1615%0Legendary card0.1655%1.8385%1.8385%100%

Quality drop rates

All cards acquired through card packs are of Meteorite quality or above (with the exception of the Mythic). Below is a list of drop rates based on card quality. 

Note that in Shiny Legendary packs, the fifth card is guaranteed to be a Legendary of Shadow quality or above.

QualityMost cardsShiny Common or Shiny LegendaryMeteorite93.8%0%Shadow5%74.8%Gold1%25%Diamond0.2%0.2%

Mythic drop rates

With Mortal Judgement, the Mythic will have a chance of dropping in every pack purchased. The drop rate is lower than previous sets to account for an increased player base, but we still expect it to be found during the Early-Bird Discount (before $10M in sales is reached) period. 

That said, if it is not, we have put in a system to up the drop rate in order to avoid another lost Mythic situation (we’re looking at you, Tethys!) where the Mythic is never found and lost to the void.

 Rare packEpic packLegendary packShiny Legendary packMythic drop %
(pre $10M)0.00004%
0.00012%0.00044%0.00268%Mythic drop %
(post $10M)0.0001%0.0003%0.0011%0.0067%

Promo drop rates

Once the Mythic is found, it will be replaced with a chance at Spritefire, a Legendary Promo card that’s only discoverable in packs during the Mortal Judgement sales period.

 Rare packEpic packLegendary packShiny Legendary packPromo drop %0.01%0.03%0.01%0.01%

Balancing phase and trading

As with all new card sets, Mortal Judgement will undergo a live balancing beta post-release known as the Balancing Phase. This is a period of time where newly released cards are used in a live environment so we can track how these cards perform, with the option to alter any imbalances that emerge. Previously, the Balancing Phase has had a time limit as it blocked the ability to trade cards. Now that cards are tradable while balancing is active, the Balancing Phase will run until the internal team is comfortable with the overall state of the set. Once balancing is complete, the Mortal Judgement set will become “closed” and its cards will have no further changes to their gameplay utility. 

Product availability

When the set goes live in late April, the Mortal Judgement set will be available from the Gods Unchained shop. At this point, both Mortal Judgement and Divine Order will be available for purchase at the same time. The purchase process makes use of the Immutable X platform for payments as well as pack distribution, meaning as soon as your payment has been processed successfully, the packs purchased will be available in your Gods Unchained account, and cards minted directly on Immutable X.

The Mortal Judgement sale will initially include packs only and no chests. The capability to mint chest to Immutable X is in progress and a decision to include chests in this sale will only be made once this functionality is enabled.

a wolf and the eclipse

Happy collecting, mortals!