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Play-to-Earn Profile #2 - GGian





Over the coming weeks we’ll be chatting with various players from the Gods Unchained community about their play-to-earn experiences. This week, Team Mythic player and GU streamer ‘GGian’ from Brazil shares their story.

"I think it’s only fair to recognize players' efforts and dedication. I was so used to the currency/monetization model of the game industry; I never realized I always wanted something like Gods Unchained."


What got you interested in the play-to-earn model in Gods Unchained? 

The fact that there is a play-to-earn model in the first place! Gods Unchained respects a player’s time and rewards them for playing. How could I not be interested?

99% of games don’t allow players to profit, even considering it a bannable offence. As long as Gods Unchained has a P2E option, it's going to be very special to me. 

What would you estimate your daily earnings to be?

With the Genesis Raffle, I was able to get more than the minimum wage in my country. At that time our minimum wage was around $230 monthly and I managed to get $250, meaning that it was actually considerably better to play GU than getting a regular job.

With this amount one could probably pay rent and bills for a small house here [in Brazil], as well as food for the month. This still amazes me when I think about it.

The current model is less profitable than the older model (Genesis Raffle tokens), but the prices will vary a lot depending on player influx. With that in mind, I still think this model has a lot of potential moving forward. 

The Genesis set was a timed exclusive set of cards released in 2019. These cards can now only be found by trading on the Marketplace. The next timed set? Trial of the Gods, of course.

Where do you see the future of the P2E model in gaming? 

I think it’s only fair to recognize a player’s efforts and dedication. I was so used to the currency/monetization model of the game industry; I never realized I always wanted something like Gods Unchained.

I think P2E economics is something amazingly hard to develop and I’m thankful to GU for its achievements in this regard. Although the current model needs some evolution, I’m pretty confident Immutable will find ways to improve it. That said, GU’s model is something I think should be used as an example for other game companies to follow.

What do you like most about GU?

I like the innovative gameplay aspects, Sanctum being my favorite! I love deeply nuanced strategic elements, and GU is full of them. The game designers are doing an amazing job balancing and coming up with amazing new ideas. I’m hyped for Season 1 [aka Trial of the Gods]! 

Any advice for those new to Gods Unchained and P2E? 

First of all, take your time to learn the basics, don’t rush. Try the starter decks and get a general idea about the meta before deciding which decks you want to buy. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, we have plenty of helpful people on Discord that will be happy to assist you.

Good luck! 

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