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Sanctum Shakeup





Update 31 March, 2021: After a brief hiatus with the Spell Sanctum, the Sanctum has returned to its divine state using the decks listed below!

The five Sanctum Decks have been updated with new cards!

The divine work in mysterious ways, and their Favor can shift as easily as sand in the desert. At one point, they're showering Dionysian Bulls in glorious wine, the next, their gaze is fixed firmly on a rider by moonlight.

But one thing remains constant, those mortals who hold a god's Favor will be granted access to the Sanctum, gaining the ability to call on powerful allies to aid them in the Arena.


Forgotten how Favor and the Sanctum work? No problems, we're here to help.

Gaining Favor

Favor is gained by making Favor actions during a match. Favor can then be spent to unlock temporary cards from the Sanctum during a match! For those mortals seeking their god's Favor in the Arena, follow these simple steps:

  • All mortals start a match with 0 Favor.
  • Completing 'Favor Actions' during a match will grant Favor.
  • Favor Actions are as follows:
  • You attack an opponent’s God.
  • You destroy an enemy creature outside of combat.
  • Your creature survives combat and the opposing creature is destroyed.
  • Whenever you complete a ‘Favor Action’, you are rewarded with:
  • 1 Favor during your first turn.
  • 2 Favor during your second turn.
  • 3 Favor during subsequent turns.
  • Once enough Favor has been collected, you can spend Favor in the Sanctum to access new cards.
Your Favor appears on your nameplate. We currently have 13 Favor. Lucky us.

Sanctum decks

There are five Sanctum Decks in total: Defenders, Answers, Removal, Value, and Threats.

At the beginning of each match, one random card from three different Sanctum Decks is pulled into the Sanctum, which can be found to the right of your screen.

Notice the five decks: Defenders, Answers, Removal, Value, and Threats.

After you or your opponent spend/s Favor to take a card from the Sanctum, that card is replaced with a random card from one of the two Sanctum Decks not yet being showcased in the Sanctum. This process continues every time a card is taken from the Sanctum by a player.

In other words: the three decks currently showing a card are active Sanctum Decks, and the two decks not shown are on the bench. When you take one card from the active section, that deck is then put on the bench and replaced with a deck that was previously on the bench.

Go get 'em!

The gods are waiting to see you strut your stuff, mortal. Head to the arena and show them what you're made of!

(Spoiler: It's flesh and bones, of course. You are made of flesh and bones.)

~Citadel Herald