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Sealed Deck Approaches





Sealed Deck is returning, this time in Play to Earn mode! Enter with Stars, play with Core and Welcome Set cards, and win nifty prizes.

It’s a whole new way to play, and to kick things off we'll be launching it first on our Public Test Realm (PTR) in the next few weeks before sending it live to the entire Gods Unchained community.

Sealed Deck is awesome!

Sealed Deck play has a long tradition in trading card games, going all the way back to the early days of TCGs in 1993. For new players, it’s a fun way to play with a bunch of cards (that you don’t need to own) for the first time. For experienced players, Sealed Deck provides a new and exciting challenge.

Because you have to build with a very small collection of cards, decks are very different than in regular play. The games often take a bit longer, because it is more difficult to build a hyper-aggressive deck. This change makes every other decision you’d easily make, a bit more difficult than before. The best players will find the differences between Constructed and Sealed Deck environments, and exploit them to gain an advantage. For everyone else, it’s a chance to play with some cards you’ve never used before.

It’s also a chance to win some really nifty prizes, like the Selena’s Bow trinket! (More on that later.)

Playing on the Public Test Realm

The PTR is available to users on an opt-in basis, and not all players are accepted. To apply, please join the Discord and fill out the form in the #ptr-request-access channel. Once accepted, you will see the rest of the PTR discussion channels, where you can find other players and discuss the test in progress. In the public #ptr-updates channel, we’ll have an updated list of times and dates when we will be running tests and looking for players.

Nothing you do on the PTR carries over to the real game. Your rank will be different, as will your Stars and XP totals. Any purchases in the Star Store and any prizes you win in Sealed Events will not carry over to the main server — for good reason. We’re testing and things might break.

To begin with, we’ll have spots for 100 players to join the PTR. Don’t stress too much if you don’t get into the first round – we will be adding more players in over time. We’ll move Sealed Deck onto the regular Beta realm (for all to play) once we’re happy with the results. Ideally that will be just a few weeks.

How to play

When you enter the event, you choose a god’s domain. Your choice determines which God Powers you can use during the event, and it also determines the 1 Legendary and 2 Epic cards from the Core set that you will receive in your Sealed collection. Those three cards are your “prize cards” that you are trying to win during the event. You’ll also receive 57 other cards from Core and Welcome Set. 

From those 60 cards, build any deck you want containing exactly 30 cards. For the first time ever, you can build with cards from every domain, not just the domain belonging to the god you chose. Light and Deception, together at last! 

Once your deck is complete, click ‘Save Deck’ and you go back to the Arena screen. Queue up and you’ll face other players in the queue with a win/loss record similar to your own. Play until you get nine wins or three losses, and then receive prizes. 

Cards are temporary, prizes are not

Because this event costs Stars to enter, you don’t get to keep the cards in your Sealed collection once the event is over. However, any prizes you receive are yours to keep. The prizes are Core packs and Stars… and if you get enough wins you get to keep the Legendary and Epic cards!

Costs, prizes, and event details

It costs 5,000 Stars to enter a Sealed Event and start your Sealed Deck run. You can enter a Sealed Event as often as you like, but can only use one Sealed Deck per run. When your run is over, you can re-enter if the queue is still active. Each Sealed Event will be available for a limited time, and that time will be listed on the event tile itself in the Arena screen. Once time expires, you cannot start new games. Roughly an hour later, after all in-progress games are complete, everyone’s runs are ended.

Your run ends when any of the following happens:

  • You win nine times.
  • You lose three times.
  • You click “Drop Out” on the Sealed Event tile and then confirm.
  • The queue expires. Queues are scheduled to run for five days each week, and at the end of the fifth day the event ends, and everyone’s Sealed Deck run ends.

When your run is complete, you receive prizes based on the number of wins you scored.

  • 0 wins: 1 Rare Core pack.
  • 1 win: 500 stars, and 1 Rare Core pack.
  • 2 wins: 1000 stars, and 1 Rare Core pack.
  • 3 wins: 2000 stars, and 1 Rare Core pack.
  • 4 wins: 3000 stars, and 1 Rare Core pack.
  • 5 wins: 4000 stars, 1 Rare Core pack, both prize Epics from deck construction.
  • 6 wins: 5000 stars, 1 Rare Core pack, both prize Epics and the prize Legendary. 
  • 7 wins: 6000 stars, 1 Rare Core pack, both prize Epics, the prize Legendary, and Selena's Bow trinket level 1.
  • 8 wins: 7250 stars, 1 Epic Core pack, both prize Epics, the prize Legendary, and Selena's Bow trinket level 1.
  • 9 wins: 8500 stars, 1 Legendary Core pack, both prize Epics, the prize Legendary, and Selena's Bow trinket level 1.

Selena’s Bow and other Champion trinkets

We will be releasing a series of trinkets related to the Champions in the Trial of the Gods. Each of these trinkets have seven levels of quality, starting at level 1 (very good) and going all the way up to level 7 (absolutely stunning).

You earn one trinket each time you finish a Sealed Deck run with 7 or more wins. It’s not easy, but it is a prize worth winning.

The first trinket will be Selena’s Bow, which will be up for grabs once Sealed Deck goes live on the Beta Realm. The PTR tests are purely tests. To ensure no one misses out on goodies, no prizes won on the PTR will carry over into players' real accounts.

After IMX releases and we re-enable the Forge, you will be able to Fuse copies of the Selena’s Bow trinket to upgrade to the next-highest level. This new system will be in place for these Champion trinkets going forward, but the exact amount needed to upgrade to each level, and the Flux or other costs to upgrade, are still being determined.

Trinkets won will be minted to the blockchain after Immutable X launches. They will be added to your account in the meantime, similar to our treatment of Trial of the Gods cards.

Change is the nature of the beast

Just to be crystal clear: Everything is subject to change, especially while the feature is on the PTR. Prizes, costs, rewards, cards given, everything. We’ll make improvements as we go, just like we did with the relaunch of Weekend Ranked, and with the release of Welcome Set, and other initiatives recently. 

Good luck, have fun, give feedback

Sealed Deck is another step on our path towards delivering the best digital trading card game experience we possibly can... for new players and veterans alike. Please let us know what you think — don’t hold back — in the #feedback channel in our Discord.


~Thandrie “Seeker” Davis, Lead Game Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this upgrade system for Champion trinkets exist for other things as well?

Core cards can be upgraded with Flux from plain quality to meteorite. People may be able to do other fusing in the future.

We do not have anything to announce on other cards or trinkets at this point. We’re considering it, both with data and feedback we receive.

There was a bug and I lost a game. I’d like a refund of my Stars!

There are no refunds, even if a bug happens or if the server goes offline. We wouldn’t refund anything on the PTR anyways (as nothing there is real), but even when this goes live we do not have plans to refund the free-to-play currency. Ideally, there aren’t any bugs. If there are, they happen in your favor half of the time and against you the other half.

We will want to know about the bugs, of course. Please report them using the in-game tool, and also mention it in the #bugs channel in our official Discord.

What are the future plans for this feature?

We’d like to sell cards from our retail sets – Trial of the Gods and our upcoming sets – as part of this feature. You’d pay money, get several packs from that set as well as many Welcome Set and Core cards. You’d keep the paid cards after the event, of course, in addition to any prizes you won. You still wouldn’t keep the Welcome Set or Core cards.

Of course, we have to be happy with the feature and with the bug rate before we sell cards in this way. Our PTR test and our Stars-only release are important steps on that path.

How do Star Vials work with this feature?

Star Vials are currently awarded for your first 20 wins each day in Constructed. Now, Sealed Deck wins also count towards that total, and you’ll get a Vial for those games as well. Get Vials in Constructed, Sealed, or both. It’s up to you.

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