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Stay. Play. Get Paid. with Gods Unchained





Update March 22, 2021: Stay. Play. Get Paid. is now closed.

Thanks to all those mortals who went on this play to earn journey with us!

Every great adventure begins with a quest and ends with treasure. Stay. Play. Get Paid. does just that: rewarding you with $20 USD in ETH for completing a few simple missions. 

Begin your quest

Adventure awaits

We’ve teamed up with the legends at Coinbase to create the best start to a play to earn (P2E) journey possible. All you need to do is stay put, play games and get paid! For those valiant mortals who have already embarked on their P2E quest – this adventure comes as a nice bonus – but take heed: Stay. Play. Get Paid. is only available for a limited time, so don’t leave it too late to start your adventure!

This adventure is one to embark on from the safety of your own home. Stay indoors, stay safe, stay up late, stay in bed, stay ~ groovy ~ whatever your most comfortable home-state is, don’t change it for us. You do you, mortal.  

Your quest – if you are bold enough, mortal – is to complete a series of missions within and around Gods Unchained. You don’t have to be a pro player or a renowned trader to finish these missions, they are designed to be something all mortals can achieve. Missions (listed below) are linked to your Gods Unchained account, and you can track your progress via the Stay. Play. Get Paid. website.

The good part. Once you have completed all eight missions, everything will be in place for you to receive your reward! $20 USD worth of ETH will be sent to your Coinbase account. With your quest complete, you are free to rest on your laurels.... or, if you are eager to increase your coffers even further, you can also Refer a Friend to gain an extra $5 USD in ETH for every successful referral! More on this below. 


Behind every great adventurer is a great guide. Below is a breakdown of each mission to help you towards your reward. 

1. Create a Gods Unchained account

This is the first step for any Gods Unchained journey. You can do so by clicking ‘Play now for free’ on the Gods Unchained homepage, signing up, and downloading the game. This will install the game launcher so you can play Gods Unchained. Ah, if only all victories were this simple.

2. Create / link a Coinbase account

Signing up to Coinbase is free and easy. Once you’ve signed up here (or if you already have one) you’ll need to link it to your Gods Unchained account through the Stay. Play. Get Paid. website. Simply click the “Create a Coinbase account” mission and follow the prompts.

To find your Coinbase address, navigate to 'Settings' in your Coinbase account > 'Crypto Addresses' > Select 'Ethereum' in the drop down menu > 'Create New Address'. Once your Ethereum address appears, copy the most recent address and add it to the Stay. Play. Get Paid. page.

This action can take multiple days to verify. Once you have completed the below, this mission will sit on "Pending" until the account is verified by Coinbase.

Your Coinbase account is a secure place to keep your ETH (the digital currency of the Ethereum network) and will be where your reward is sent after you’ve completed all your missions. Once received, you can convert your ETH to real-world currency, or use it to purchase in-game items – like Trial of the Gods packs! 

Please note: you need to be in a Coinbase supported country to take part in this promotion. If you aren't, you can always refer users who are, in order to gain ETH rewards (more on referrals below).

3. Link a wallet to your account

What use is treasure if you have nowhere to keep it? A wallet is like your treasure pouch, it’s a secure place to store all your digital items like cards and trinkets. The Coinbase account is where your reward will be sent, but this wallet is where you'll store your in-game items. Setting up a wallet is simple. The most compatible wallet for Gods Unchained is found through MetaMask. 

To set one up:

1. Head to
2. Install the plug-in: Install the MetaMask extension for your chosen browser. 
3. Create a wallet: Follow the prompts to “Create a Wallet”
4. Connect plug-in: Sign in to the Gods Unchained website. The MetaMask plug-in will then appear with a prompt to connect – click “Connect”.
5. Link wallet: Head to the Manage Wallet section of the Gods Unchained website by clicking on your profile image in the top right. Click the ‘Add Wallet’ button.

Fear not! Connecting and linking a wallet doesn’t give Gods Unchained or Immutable any control over your wallet or its items, it simply shows the game which items belong to you so you can play with and trade them in-game. 

4. Subscribe to our mailing list

Only a fool would enter an adventure blind. The Gods Unchained email list will keep you up to date with any new game releases, news or exclusive competitions coming from Gods Unchained. Signing up is as simple as a button click, and you can do so here!

5. Build a custom deck in the Workshop

For those setting out on their first ever foray into the world of Gods Unchained, it’s best to find your feet using the prebuilt Welcome Set decks that all mortals start the game with. There’s one for each domain (War, Light, Nature, Deception, Magic & Death) but, once you get the hang of things, you’ll want to build your own deck in order to get ahead!

You’ll have enough cards to build a custom deck right from the get-go, and you can also unlock more cards as you level up in Ranked games to make that perfect creation.

All deck building is done in the Workshop. To find it, log into the game launcher, click the “Workshop” button at the top of launcher, and then click “Create a Deck”. Here, you can choose which god you’ll use to build a deck (each god has their own set of unique cards) and then choose 30 cards to make up your deck. Click “save deck” (and give it an epic name worthy of a heroic ballad) and you’re done! Having trouble? Need a more in-depth guide? You can follow our step by step guide here.

"HELP! I don't know what cards I should choose!" A good way to get started is to check out deck suggestions from the community on Type in 'starter' or 'welcome' in the search field for decks made entirely of the starter sets. Another option is to head to our Discord and ask for help! Gods Unchained is blessed with a community of deadset legends, all more than willing to lend a hand and dish out some advice.

6. Play a Ranked game with a custom deck

You’ve built your custom deck (and named it something epic like “NATURE’S GONNA GETCHA”) so what now? Take the deck online, of course! In the “Arena” section of the launcher, head to the “Ranked” game mode panel and choose your custom deck by clicking on the visual of the cards, then click play. 

Tip: Before playing a game online, we recommend playing the tutorial to familiarise yourself with the basics of the game, as well as practicing against the computer in solo mode. You can also learn more about how to navigate the launcher from our step by step guide, or learn mechanics and other tidbits from our learn to play page.

7. Play 1 Ranked game on 5 different days

The best adventurers are brave, but what about your other virtues? This mission is all about endurance, and requires you to play at least one Ranked game a day. These don’t have to be consecutive days, nor do they have to be victories, so long as you’ve faced off against another mortal (that's a player like you) in Ranked mode on 5 different days, you’ll succeed. Do you have the stamina?

8. Win 7 Ranked games

This final mission is the true test of one’s mettle. You’ve created your decks, you’ve trained for days, but do you have what it takes to win? True strength is not only in the cards, but the mortal behind them – and this final mission is a chance for you to rise above the challenge! These don’t have to be consecutive wins, so it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. It all comes down to whether you’re strong enough to get back up again and charge into the fray!

Refer friends for endless rewards

And that’s it! If you’ve completed the above missions, you’ve done it, mortal! The treasure and glory are yours!

And yet... it is said that every brave hero deserves a reward, even the ones who need a little nudge from a friendly face. If you know other mortals who you think will enjoy Gods Unchained, you can refer friends and get an extra $5 USD in ETH for every successful referral.

The best part? If they are brave enough to complete the above missions, they’ll also earn the spoils from Stay. Play. Get Paid.! Sharing is caring, after all.

Begin your quest

If you have any further questions, check out our support FAQ page.

Happy questing, mortal.

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