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Top Trial of the Gods Cards: Team NEON





Mortals only continue to amaze. The Arena has seen a massive visual overhaul this week, but – no matter how flashy it may now look – the Community Picks series is all about the cards. Here, mortals show off the most powerful, loveable, special, or downright meme-worthy Trial of the Gods cards in their collection. 

This week we have half of Team NEON hero-dropping in, with KrumpyLumpkins (Twitch) and JMoney (Twitch) who are looking at the Trial of the Gods cards that keep their opponent's on their toes.

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Satyr Hypnotist

KrumpyLumpkins: My first favorite Trial of the Gods creature pick was Student of Society, but CryptozNewb already covered it in the previous blog! So, coming in a close second is Satyr Hypnotist. 

While the stat-line is fragile, the sleep effect that this creature produces at the end of your turn can really help with controlling your opponent’s creatures, effectively allowing you to ignore one every turn. It is best suited to an aggro/midrange Deception deck that thrives on developing an early board advantage. I typically try to play this card after an opponent has used up any starting-hand removal spells to keep it in play for as long as possible. You can also use it alongside the Cheat god power and spells such as Assassin’s Aim to give it hidden, inducing maximum frustration!

Commander’s Gladius

KrumpyLumpkins: My next pick is a relic that hasn’t seen much play yet, but I believe it has some potential when Auros, the God of War, finds his feet again. Introducing the Commander’s Gladius!

I’ve used this card as a singleton in a few aggro War decks so far and had a lot of fun with it. It works best in a starting hand alongside strong, board dominating cards such as Pyramid Warden or Vanguard Axewoman. Play an early creature or two on turn one, then follow up by using this as a 1 damage ping to assist in controlling the board. If you play your cards right (pun intended) the +1/+1 hand buff can really set you up for a powerhouse third turn! With 2 durability, you can also hold on to it and use one of War’s many relic synergy cards to maximise its value.

Orfeo, Champion of Deception

JMoney: Orfeo may seem rather unimpressive with just a 1/1 stat line, but he can prove to be extremely powerful in the right situations. One example where he shines the most is against Pyramid Wardens – his stealth allows him to avoid removal, and his deadly means he can clear it by himself! 

Not only is Orfeo relatively powerful on his own, but the fact that he is played for free whenever you play another card means that he is almost always a 0 mana card. Talk about value!

Mana Auditor

JMoney: I think that Mana Auditor has the potential to be one of the best cards in the Trial of the Gods set. At a 4/4 stat line for 6 mana, you are going to be losing a little bit of tempo when you play it; however, the two unlocked mana locks it provides can easily swing the game in your favor. 

One of my favorite plays when playing Control Aether Magic is to bag out a Mana Auditor when I have 5 mana + 1 unlock, and then play Inferno or Demogorgon the next turn, without needing another bag! Currently, Mana Auditor isn’t seeing much play because Control Aether Magic is pretty bad as a deck (the other Aethers are not up to par), but with some support, this card could really shine.

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