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Torchbearer Bounty Program





Mortals, I’d like to introduce a new program that we’re making publicly available for the wider community. 

Roughly a month ago, we introduced the Torchbearer Bounty program to our content creators in Discord. We have always been supported by very active mortals - whether it is high-level overviews of Gods Unchained, new starter guides, and detailed guides on GU’s meta, so much content has helped onboard new mortals and engage the Gods Unchained community. 

We’re so grateful for all of those that have started utilizing the Bounty board! We have had great submissions to the bounties, and now want to extend that board over to the general populace. We have heard the feedback from our wonderful players and carefully deliberated on a version of the bounty board that all may love. One may wonder what the bounty board is like, and you’ll find out right below.

We love the passionate work and efforts of the community, so we want to help amplify what's possible with rewards. The Gods Unchained Bounty Program offers rewards in $GODS to community members who compete for posted bounties. Bounties will range from video tutorials, articles, fanart, and more.  $GODS reward for each bounty will vary depending on the content and distributed on a monthly cadence. 

If you’d like to find all the open bounties they are right here in this link:

New bounties will be posted on a semi-regular basis. Announcements will be made in the Discord under the content creator section with public announcements available in the #tb-announcements channel.

Once you have completed a bounty you can submit them here: 

The submissions will be judged by the Gods Unchained team based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the content submitted
  • Creativity
  • Originality 
  • Execution
  • Relevance
  • Engagement of the submitted content (for videos/streams there will be bonus rewards based on views within the first 14 days of the video)
  • 100K+ Views: +1000 $GODS
  • 50K-100K Views: +200 $GODS
  • 11K-50K Views: +100 $GODS
  • 5-10K Views: +25 $GODS

Each creator can only submit to each bounty once. They cannot make multiple videos to try and win a single bounty. Players can use a video to apply for multiple bounties - but they will only win 1 bounty per video. 


  • Any content creator caught botting for engagement bonus will not be eligible for the rewards and be disqualified from any future submissions 
  • No personal attacks. We welcome all authentic opinion, even constructive criticism but not abusive, derogatory comments made towards the team or any Immutable employee
  • No excessive profanity
  • All content creators need to abide by Gods Unchained’s Terms of Service

We’re excited to have you all participate, and hope that this program paves the way for our future content creator program to come.