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Trial of the Gods: Buyers Guide





Welcome to the latest expansion: Trial of the Gods! While our first set, Genesis, showcased the power of expansion cards, Trial of the Gods is a whole new beast as it arrives alongside our new Season system.

Season 1: Champions Rise has been designed to play host to multiple new sets, bringing with them new game mechanics, new stories, and new ways to unleash the fury of your favorite god… and their hand-picked champion. 

As the first expansion of the season, Trial of the Gods brings a divine amount of goodies to the arena and – whether you’re a card collector, a pro player or a market mogul – this is your one-stop shop to help you uncover the Trial of the Gods items that best suit you. 


For more on lore and the functions of a season, check out the Trial of the Gods Launch Companion

The Trial of the Gods set

Trial of the Gods is a set of 150 cards, which are broken down as follows:

  • 60 Commons
  • 48 Rares
  • 16 Epics
  • 26 Legendaries

During the Trial of the Gods sales period, these cards can be obtained by purchasing card packs and chests from the Gods Unchained website. There are a finite amount of Trial of the Gods cards available, which means this sales period runs for a limited time. 

Card Packs & Chests

Trial of the Gods Card Packs come in four different forms: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Each pack contains 5 cards and, while almost any Trial of the Gods card can appear in any pack, the rarer cards are likely to appear more-frequently in our higher tier packs. 

$24.993 Common cards or better1 Legendary cardShiny Legendary Pack1 Rare card or better$2.494 Common cards or betterProductCost in US DollarsContentsRare Card Pack1 Rare card or better1 Rare card or betterEpic Card Pack$149.993 Common cards or better1 Shiny Legendary card$6.994 Common cards or better1 Epic card or betterLegendary Card Pack

Trial of the Gods Chests contain 6 card packs that share the chest’s rarity level, they are also completely tradable before they are opened, but more on this below. 

ProductCost in US DollarsContentsRare Chest$149 (3,250 available)6 Legendary Card Packs$14.99 (32,500 available)6 Rare Card PacksLegendary Chest

To account for fluctuation, ETH/USD exchange rates for our packs and chests will be set and adjusted at a regular cadence several times a day.

Rarity and Quality drop rates

All Gods Unchained cards have a rarity value. These are shown by the coloured crystals on either side of a card's nameplate. A gray crystal indicates a Common card, pale blue a Rare card, purple an Epic card, and gold means the gods must look favorably upon you, mortal, because you’ve landed yourself a Legendary card!

Here is a list of the sorts of cards that can appear in each slot in a card pack:

Odds for each rarityIn a Common+ slotIn a Rare+ slotIn an Epic+ slotIn a Legendary slotCommon92.489%---Rare6.1875%85.294%--Epic1.1580%12.8675%98.1615%-Legendary0.1655%1.8385%1.8385%100%

All cards acquired through card packs are of Meteorite quality or above, which means they’ll be tradable once minted to Immutable X (see Balancing Phase & Trading).

Below is a list of drop rates based on card quality. Note that in Shiny Legendary packs, the fifth card is guaranteed to be a Legendary of Shadow quality or above:

QualityMost cardsShiny LegendaryMeteorite

Card Packs & Chests: what’s the difference? 

Card packs are opened immediately after purchase and the cards and tickets found inside are applied to your Gods Unchained account.

Chests bundle six card packs together (which all act like regular card packs) but, unlike packs, the chests themselves can be saved, traded and opened at a later date. This is because chests exist as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network and – once the Balancing Phase has ended – can be traded and sold on third-party marketplaces.

There are a limited amount of chests available and no more will be made once this number has been exhausted. Chests are opened through the website (not the game launcher), which then causes the packs inside to be opened and added to your account. But be warned, mortal! Once opened, the chest itself is no longer tradable. For more info on tradability and chest numbers, take a look at the ‘Product Availability’ section below.

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Draw Tickets & Prize Draws

Inside each pack is a number of Trial of the Gods Draw Tickets. Draw tickets are minted on a weekly basis and, once minted, will exist as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, which can be traded and sold on third-party marketplaces.

Valid draw tickets enter ticket holders into both the Shadow Draw and the Mythic Draw, where they have the chance to win Trial of the Gods prizes (like the new Mythic card!). The minting process for tickets will begin every Sunday evening (PDT) and continue until the previous week’s tickets are all minted. If gas is too high, minting may be delayed until gas prices drop to a sustainable amount. 

Card packs that are opened before the Shadow Draw grant tickets to your account and automatically enter eligible holders into both the Shadow and Mythic Draws. This means that the same individual ticket can be redeemed in both. Packs that are opened after the Shadow Draw but before the Mythic Draw will grant tickets that are valid for the Mythic Draw only.

Please note: Prize draws are not available to employees of Immutable or any resident of Australia or another country/region where drawings are prohibited

Balancing Phase & Trading

As with all new card sets, Trial of the Gods will undergo a live balancing beta post-release known as the Balancing Phase. This is a period of time where newly released cards are used in a live environment so we can track how these cards perform, with the option to alter any imbalances that emerge. The Balancing Phase runs for 60 days, with the potential to introduce additional 30-day terms if needed. If this comes to pass, the extension will be announced two weeks before the intended end of the Balancing Phase. Once balancing is complete, the Trial of the Gods set will become “closed” and its cards will not have further changes to its essential gameplay. 

There are two things that will affect trading: 

Balancing Phase: During this phase, the cards are not available for trade on any marketplace until we have released them for trade. This is partly to ensure that third-party marketplaces don’t have to compete with official Gods Unchained sales periods, as well as ensuring that cards aren’t traded until they are “closed”. After the Balancing Phase is complete, chests will be activated for trading. 

Immutable X minting: Cards will be playable in-game from purchase, but will have minting deferred until the release of Immutable X, our game-changing Ethereum exchange. This is because gas prices are currently unreliable at best, and the cost of minting packs is unsustainable (read: a hell of a lot of dollarydoos wasted). The same would apply to trading, with transaction costs likely costing more than the value of the card. More on this here.

When Immutable X releases, items will be minted directly to the exchange. Once minted, not only will cards become tradable (and remain that way for good) but the cost of trading on the exchange will be far more palatable.

Product Availability & Promotional Use

As enforced in our smart contract on the blockchain, the Trial of the Gods sales period has a maximum sales cap of $4 Million US Dollars. Once a purchase is made that raises the total sold above that cap, no further sales will take place. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend sales of packs and/or chests before the sales cap is reached.

In addition to the overall sales cap, there are item-specific caps. For this set, we will sell a maximum of 32,500 Rare Chests and a maximum of 3,250 Legendary Chests. These specific limits are apart from the overall sales cap. If we hit the $4 Million sales cap, all sales stop – including Chests.

We intend to acquire up to 5% of the cap from our cards foundry for promotional use. For instance, some number of Chests may be acquired from the cap for us to give away as prizes in future events. We reserve the right to acquire more or less than this promotional use target.

The collection grows...

The new expansion is bringing a whole lot of cards to the table, and with it the Gods Unchained card family continues to grow. We hope you enjoy collecting and playing with the new set as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

May the gods look favorably on your cards, mortal.

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