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Trial of the Gods Collection Rewards





A new season, a new set, a new group of cards to collect. And for the most-dedicated of mortals, a new set of prizes to chase.

For our most avid collectors, Trial of the Gods brings with it new Collection Title rewards. What’s a Collection Title, you ask? It's a prestigious title based on the number of unique cards you own from our seasonal sets (Genesis and Trial of the Gods).

These exist as a thank you to all those who have supported us across sets, changing and shifting as sets expand.

At the time of the Mythic Draw, soon after Trial of the Gods sells out, we will award a new board and a new promo card to those mortals currently bearing one of these noble titles. These objects will be added to player’s accounts, and will be minted into the player’s wallet inside Immutable X once our exchange launches.

Trial of the Goodies

The two prizes on offer are the Order Board, the counterpart to the board seen in the Shadow & Mythic Draws, and the Philosophic Evangelist, a promo card with some power.

Order Board: The Order Board provides a tranquil backdrop for even the most furious of battles. As a scaling board, it has different forms depending on which level you receive. The higher the level, the more intricate the design.

Philosophic Evangelist card: The Philosophic Evangelist is a 3 mana brawler. Despite their angry mug, they work as an excellent way to curry in-game favor.

The awards you earn are based on your Collection Title and are as follows:

Collection TitleCollection RewardsDemigod1 x Order Board Level 7
2 x Diamond Philosophic EvangelistsArchon1 x Order Board Level 6
2 x Gold Philosophic EvangelistsPriest1 x Order Board Level 5
1 x Gold Philosophic Evangelist
1 x Shadow Philosophic EvangelistDisciple 1 x Order Board Level 4
2 x Shadow Philosophic EvangelistsAcolyte1 x Order Board Level 3
1 x Shadow Philosophic Evangelist
1 x Meteoric Philosophic EvangelistInitiate1 x Order Board Level 2
2 x Meteoric Philosophic Evangelists

It is likely that we will award Order Board Level 1 and plain and meteoric versions of Philosophic Evangelist through other means as well in the future. But the first people to ever get these higher-tier rewards are those who open enough packs to get enough cards.

Here's to the Collectors!

If you are looking to increase your Collection Title, you can purchase Trial of the Gods Card Packs from our website, and you can also earn them during our free Ranked Weekend events. Also note that Genesis cards count towards these titles as well, so those cards you already have will definitely help you here. If you're looking to increase your Genesis collection, you can head to the Marketplace and trade with other players.

Happy collecting, mortals!

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