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Unchained Winter - A Winter Wanderland Event!





What a whimsical time of year! It’s the time of warmth, giving and spending time with your families. Join us in this holiday season, and win some Winter Wonderland Packs!

Whether you’re a creative sprout or not, there’s room for you to participate - you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer for a chance to win part of the 200+ packs we’re giving away. 


Your Submission must be a Movie Poster and include a wintry Gods Unchained theme and/or cards. All Gods Unchained characters are applicable. This includes the Gods, Champions and Creatures. Whether it is Orfeo, Ludia, or Wild Hog. 


In order to have exemplary participation, we have one category for you to join the Poster contest itself! It’s based off of movie posters so create your best one! 


Share your creations with us on Twitter by tagging @GodsUnchained and using the hashtag #JINGUBELLS. State the category you’re applying for or the submissions will be sorted at our discretion.

If you’d like you’re more than welcome to tag your submission and post it in the #art section in Discord so we don’t miss it, or in the reddit thread below (if you’re seeing any issues with the hashtag!)


Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification so follow carefully:

  • Your submission must follow the prompt and be Winter themed. You know we love your creative fan art, but it won’t work unless it is a Winter Movie theme. 
  • Entries for this event must be original fan art created within the last month. If you’re using your art as a movie poster instead, that's applicable to this contest.
  • Make sure Twitter DMs are open to be contacted if you are a winner. Make sure you have a Gods Unchained account to receive in-game prizes if you are a winner. 
  • Only one prize can be won per participant. Only the highest prize won will be awarded. 
  • Images should be at a minimum of 1080x1080px. Be kind to our eyes.
  • Keep it clean. Keep all profanity and dirty jokes to a minimum.


All submissions will be judged by the Gods Unchained team based on 33% creativity, 33% originality, 33% visual appeal.  So bring in those Holiday Ideas! What makes a GOOD Movie Poster? Make it Gods Unchained but Holidays!

The Gods Unchained team will be shortlisting 15 winners in the category and the community will vote for winners on Discord via emotes in the #art channel. 


Poster ContestFirst Place 40Second Place35Third Place 30Fourth Place 25Fifth Place20Sixth Place18Seventh Place15Eighth Place13Ninth Place11Tenth Place8Honorary (5) (5 Winners)1 WW Pack each


  • The contest starts December 12, 2022 . 
  • All entries must be submitted to Twitter before December 20th at 6PM PDT.  
  • Voting will take place by the GU Team for the shortlist on December 20th. 
  • Voting by the Community on Discord will be available on December 22nd, 2022.
  • Snapshot of Voting will be taken December 26th, 2022 at 3PM PDT.
  • Winners will be announced on or before January 8th. 

Remember to include the hashtag #JINGUBELLS and tag @GodsUnchained in your entry, or your submission might be left in the dark!

Good luck!

For an example and further information please click on the link here.