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Another day, another update! While there hasn’t been a huge number of changes this time around, the dev team has been working under the hood to improve the overall game experience.

Here’s a summary of the major changes:

  • Countdown timer added on God Power selection and starting hand mulligan.

During the initial stages of prepping for a match there is now a 45-second time limit on God Power selection. If this timer runs out and a player has not selected their God Power, one is selected randomly.

There is also a 45-second time limit on starting hand mulligan. If this timer runs out and a player has not finalized their selection, no cards are mulliganed.

Note: The timer will not be directly visible on the game screen. 

the countdown begins...
  • Card size increased for creatures on the board. 

During matches the card art will now be more clearly visible to players when a card is in play. 

  • Visual enhancements and detail to the game board.

Next time you load up the game you’ll notice the game board has undergone some visual refinements. In particular, there’s a mossy, weathered style to the brickwork around the play area.     

the new board enhancements

More to come on visual polish and performance for the game board in a future update!

  • Voice-overs for all gods added to multiplayer games.

While this has been a feature in Solo mode for a while, the feature has now been added to all multiplayer matches. 

  • Less timed out Games

Increased timeout settings when waiting for an opponent to connect to a match. This will mean fewer dropouts between players when there’s a large disparity in internet speed.

In addition to these tweaks, there’s been a swathe of card changes that players should be aware of:

Cards Added

  • Apocalypse, Now!
  • Balance Summoner
  • Spellstealer
  • Umber Arrow
  • Living Container
  • Prescient Spellbinder
  • Fickle Cambion
  • Cutthroat Insight
  • Soothsayer
  • Auric Rush
  • Runed Asp
  • Vault Vagabond
  • Canopy Barrage
  • Seer
  • Antimagic Wards
  • Reanimate

Cards Temporarily Removed

  • Malfunctioning Servitor
  • Blade Trader Drosis
  • Nephthys Guardian
  • The Nether Prince
  • Hooded Doppelganger
  • Three's A Crowd
  • Flying Carpet
  • Spirit Animal
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • Avatar of Deception
  • Myrto's Daughter
  • Made Mark
  • Green Giant

Bug Fixes

  • 78 bugs fixed!

If you have feedback on these improvements or have any burning questions, drop by our Discord and share your thoughts.