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Optimization and UI. Optimization and UI. Optimization and UI.

Guess what the dev team has been working on for this release?

oPtImiZaTioN and U!@#!@$!#$

These are the updates that, although not mind-bending on the surface, make all the difference when it comes to improving the experience players have in the game.

One of the major areas Chris Clay, our new game director, wants to dramatically improve is the games UI. In this update the dev team has started rolling out improvements, featuring an evolved mana lock system, a reshape of the God Health Icon and a complete overhaul of the card front designs!

The game has also undergone the first major round of optimization which has yielded improved frame-rates of up to 26% on laptops and lower-spec machines. For those of you who have been using your laptop as a personal heater while playing Gods Unchained, you might be disappointed to hear that this is only the beginning with many more performance improvements to come.

performance since last update

New Card Fronts

In one of the biggest visual changes to the game in recent times, we’ve rolled out a complete design overhaul of the card fronts! 

This the first of many card enhancements to come, but in the meantime, check out our dedicated blog post that features all the nuances of the new designs.

card fronts 2.0 / rounded god icon

New Mana Lock System 

The mana lock system has been redesigned to be clearer and more readable for players. 

The new 9-sided polygon shape has an inner and outer layer now. For the first 5 rounds, a full mana gem is unlocked every time. For subsequent rounds, the mana is then incrementally unlocked as indicated by the number of squares on the outer rim. 

Best of all, this new design will allow for more space on the board for trinkets in future.

Cards Added

  • Clone
  • Three's A Crowd
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • Papal Bull
  • Myrto's Daughter
  • Thanakris Spell-Locusts
  • A Toast To Peace
  • Hunting Trap
  • Porphyrion, Dread Cyclops
  • Balthazar, Blood Magus
  • Discovery
  • Rune Of Sight

Cards Temporarily Removed

  • Hephaestus, The Enchanter
  • Hades, Underworld Lord
  • Spellstealer
  • Umber Arrow
  • Cerberus, Styx Hound
  • Sand Scorpion
  • Heaven's Light

Bug Fixes

A total of 70 bugs were fixed in 0.17. Here's just a few of the major fixes:

General Issues:

  • The game can get stuck if the player attacks with multiple creatures right before the player's turn timer expires.
  • Leaving the “Delve” screen without choosing any cards can cause the turn timer to behave incorrectly.

Card Issues:

  • Golem Centurion - Can summon a different Legendary creature for each client, causing the game to desync.
  • Thievery - Can put the foreseen card at the bottom of the player’s deck instead of the opponent's deck.
  • Equivalent Exchange - The game can get stuck if played right before the player's turn timer expires.
  • Eavesdrop - If the player does not choose the “Foresee” card, the player is unable to play any other cards until the next turn.
  • Three’s a crowd - The game can get stuck after the effect is triggered.
  • Heaven’s Light - The effect can set creature attack incorrectly. E.g. a creature with 0 or 1 attack gets set to 2 attack.
  • Cards in the Enchanted Weapons group - Having one equipped by a card effect (e.g. Avatar of War) can consume player mana as if the weapon was equipped by the player.
  • Playing “Blade Trader Drosis” when “Avatar of Deception” is already on the board can cause a desync.

Operating System Issues:

  • Mac OSX - Blur on delve overlay causes flickering issue.

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