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Update v0.12 - Collection Draft





Introducing Collection Draft

We're excited to announce a new game mode, Collection Draft, has been added to the private beta. In this mode players draft a deck from a random selection of cards from their collection, trying to build the best deck from a limited selection. Players then go up against others who have also built draft decks, attempting to score 5 wins with that deck before 2 losses. At the end of your draft run, whether you complete 5 wins, suffer 2 losses, or abandon the run, your run ends and you have the option to convert your draft deck to a regular deck for continued play. You can then begin the draft process again!

The user interface in the collection draft is a placeholder and will be replaced in the coming weeks. We're deciding to ship our test build to ensure sufficient testing of the functional system prior to open beta.

Minor Changes

  • We've added hints on the board for invalid god power or spell moves.
  • Raiding Kraken, Metamancy, and Azure Djinni have been unlived due to known issues.
  • We fixed an OSX rendering bug where text did not render in the game for UI panels.

Known Issues

  • Deck Builder:
  • Hovering over cards has some visual artifacts.
  • Hovering over cards the 'amount owned' area will overlap slightly with the card below it.
  • Collection Draft Mode:
  • Text issue on the number of cards to remove from the draft deck sometimes displays the wrong number of cards remaining.
  • Cards you've already chosen in the card selection phase will not display hover over effects.
  • You can break the 30 card deck limit with the use of alt+f4 or by quickly clicking a continue button while a script is still initializing, which will result in all games played with the deck getting malformed client issues. This is easily resolved by returning to the draft deck builder and ensuring you have exactly 30 cards in the deck.