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This is our new blog, and we're hiring!





Welcome to our new blog, the place which will now host all our longer form content and updates. We’ve been wanting this for awhile, so we hope it helps you stay current with everything we put out (or just the things ya wanna know)!

Now for the main news of the day.

???? We’re Hiring! ????

We just posted 16 positions we're looking to fill here at Fuel Games over the next few months.

View open positions by clicking here.

If you specialize in one of the things we're hiring for, and want to be at the forefront of the blockchain gaming industry, we'd love to chat.

If you know someone who's perfect for a role we're hiring for, tell them to apply! We'll sweeten the deal and give you $500 if we end up hiring someone you send our way.

Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Competitive salary plus equity for the right candidates
  • Help write the next chapter in video-game history while solving fun and challenging problems
  • Collaborate with a talented team who value the truth more than egos, self-sufficiency more than micromanagement, and getting stuff done fast
  • Live in the heart of beautiful & sunny Sydney, Australia

Finally, a confession. In the previous update I said you can expect game updates every 2 weeks now that our game devs have switched to 2 week development cycles. I was later corrected that updates will actually occur every 2-3 cycles (roughly every 4-6 weeks). Sorry for my error. I’m disappointed in myself, and I’ll try and be better :’(

Yours truly,

Mod Perks