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A ~Woofing~ Great Update





Mortals, do we have a ~pawsome~ update for you! (Sorry not sorry for all the puns)

First, a little context. Throughout the release of Trial of the Gods, we heard a lot of ‘gib moar doggos’ and ‘there’s too many cats’ *Shadow of Lethenon, we’re looking at you*. As a nice little counter to the masses of cats, and to simultaneously appease the dog-loving crowds, we’ve been working on a promo card behind the scenes. Introducing: the Dogs Unchained card.

To mark the occasion of Gods Unchained ~letting the dogs out~ so to speak, we will be adding these cards to ALL DIVINE ORDER packs sold between 4.30pm Wednesday 17th Nov PST 2021 - 4.30pm Wednesday 24th Nov PST 2021. Any Divine Order packs purchased during this time will have a 100% chance of including a Dogs Unchained card as a 6th card in the pack. This means that all mortals will receive 5 randomised cards as per usual, and a Dogs Unchained card as a bonus 6th! The additional promo card will have the quality tiers as described in the Divine Order Buyers Guide (Meteorite or higher in Rare, Epic and Legendary packs, Shadow or higher in Shiny packs). This promotion includes Divine Order packs earned via Weekend Ranked, so get playin’! 

This is an exclusive, one-time opportunity, as it’s the only occasion we will be releasing this card. Don’t miss out on taking your chance to leash these dogs while they’re out!

Now, let’s release the hounds!

Citadel Herald