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Balance Patch June 7th, 2023





Howdy, this is a small balance patch. We've heard what the community had to say, thank you all for providing your insights and thoughts. This would conclude the balance changes of Band of the Wolf. It is set to lock on June 21st PT.

Wolf Recruits - Text changed
- Change text from “Draw a creature. If it’s another Olympian, draw another Olympian, and give +1/+1 to each Olympian in your hand.“ to ”Draw a creature. If it’s an Olympian, draw another Olympian, and give +1/+1 to each.”

Raneko Hearthmother - Health reduced
- Reduce health from 3 to 2

Note from the Team:

Bryn here. We’ve seen a lot of backlash to the last balance patch so we’ve put this together quickly to address the top concerns of unchanged cards from our experienced players.

Dralamar will be reverted to it’s original state once the exploit has been fixed.

We understand that Gama has lost some power with it being realigned to the new Nether Voidsteal package, but we like the high skill potential of this better than the chance to randomly win the game off the top of your opponent’s deck. We’ve adopted a new philosophy around hand/deck interaction, namely that it needs to be behind severe conditions to clear in a game where you can only include a single copy of your key legendaries. While Void steal isn’t performing at the top right now, we also think there’s a lot of room for this archetype in the future.