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Card Stat Tracking vs Quality VFX Upgrades





Matchup #6: Stat Tracking of Cards vs Quality VFX Upgrades on Cards

Stat Tracking of Cards

If you’ve ever looked at an old coin from the eighties and wondered about all the places it’s been, this one’s for you!  

Stat tracking of cards would allow you to click on a card in your collection and verifiably check its history right down to win/loss ratios, the number of matches played, the previous owners and much, much more.

This level of background data even has the potential to span across gameplay, streaming and tournament stats to give a complete picture of the journey your cards have been on.  

Quality Based VFX Upgrade on Cards

It’s a great feeling when you pull a diamond card in a pack opening. If you’re like us, you can’t wait to add it your deck and bust it out mid-game. 

While it already looks cool we want to crank this up a notch so we’re proposing a full sweep of VFX upgrades to each quality tier. This way they would look even more spectacular and make their presence felt when they hit the board. 

So which camp are you in?

Voting for these rewards will only be open for a limited time so be sure to get in quick with your preference. Whichever one gets the most votes by the community before the time runs out will be prioritized by our development team.