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Gods Unchained Community Clash





Greetings Mortals,

Nice to meet you all; I’m Fletch, Product Manager for Esports on Gods Unchained. I’m excited to be sharing the first step in our journey towards the growth of our competitive and esports ecosystems.

The community has been instrumental in fostering and developing the God's Unchained grassroots scene over the past couple of years. As we continue to grow and build Gods Unchained, we believe that grassroots is instrumental to the longevity and development of our competitive ecosystem. It provides players looking for that next step into a higher tier of competitive play with a platform to compete, and it gives our seasoned veterans a training ground to refine their craft. It’s our goal to ensure that we support, empower and foster this ecosystem to nurture the growth of our esport and competitive player base long-term.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll support a selection of community tournament organizers as part of our ‘Gods Unchained Community Clash’ initiative. These sponsored tournaments are run by the community, for the community, and sponsored by us! 
Players will have the opportunity to compete in these events and win $GODS, Card Packs, and Cash Prizing! We’ll also be supporting the coverage of these tournaments throughout the event, and you’ll start to see more information pop up across our channels on where you can go to get involved each week.

You can check out a complete list of the event organizers below:

Each event organizer will receive the following prize pool for each of their events:

*packs are from the Mortal Judgement set.
*individual event formats may impact placement distribution.

Organizers may choose to provide additional prizing to their events, so please refer to the prizing on each of the tournament pages for an accurate reference event to event.

This is our first step in our long-term commitment to competitive play for Gods Unchained, and we’ll have more to share about the future of competitions and esports soon. We hope everyone comes together to support these incredible communities, and we look forward to seeing some exciting matchups!

Best of luck,

Product Manager, Esports