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Content Creator Program - Welcome!





Greetings Mortal!

Welcome to the Gods Unchained Content Creator Program! Your decision to join means you’re ready to unleash your creativity and contribute to the whimsical world of Eucos. As a content creator, you’ll be able to showcase your talent by bringing your unique ideas to life.

If this is your first time in the world of Gods Unchained and Eucos, welcome! We’d like to ensure that you have the right context to get started and that you are well-equipped on how to play.

As part of joining the content creator program, you’ll have the opportunity to have access to the development team through our Community Manager Eclipse (Discord: Eclipse#8773). She’ll be able to assist you as well as ensure that your participation does not go unnoticed.

We value your input and will provide guidance and support along the way, ensuring that your creations seamlessly integrate within the game’s community.

Not only will your contributions be recognized, celebrated, and rewarded, but you’ll also have the chance to showcase your work to the community. Your creations may be featured in our socials, blog or even in the launcher. More to come here!

So, congratulations once again for joining the Gods Unchained Content Creator Program. Together, let's continue on this exciting journey and create something truly extraordinary. Your creativity knows no bounds, and we can't wait to see what you'll bring to the world of Eucos.

Apply to the Program

Content Guidelines

Video Requirements:

●  1920x1080 (1080p minimum quality)

●  At least a 5-minute video, cannot be a YouTube Short.


  1. Compliance with Terms of Service: All videos must adhere to the terms and conditions set by Gods Unchained. Ensure that your content aligns with our guidelines to avoid any violations.
  1. Accurate and Informative: Create videos that provide accurate information about Gods Unchained, including rules, strategies, card analysis, and gameplay mechanics. Use reliable sources and verify information before sharing it with your audience.
  1. Respectful and Inclusive: Maintain a respectful and inclusive environment in your videos. Avoid discriminatory language, offensive content, or any form of harassment. Encourage positive discussions and discourage toxic behavior among your viewers.
  1. Appropriate Language and Tone: Use appropriate language in your videos. Avoid excessive profanity, offensive slurs, or any content that may be considered vulgar or inappropriate for your target audience. Maintain a professional and friendly tone throughout.
  1. Originality and Creativity: Foster originality and creativity in your videos. Develop unique content ideas, deck strategies, challenges, or entertaining segments that engage and captivate your viewers.
  1. Visual and Audio Quality: Ensure your videos are visually appealing and have good audio quality. Use high-resolution footage, clear audio, and consider investing in proper recording equipment, editing software, and graphic overlays to enhance the viewing experience.
  1. Disclosure and Transparency: Be transparent with your audience regarding sponsorships, partnerships, or any other form of promotional content within your videos. Clearly disclose any affiliations or relationships that may influence the content or recommendations you provide.
  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property: Respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Avoid using unauthorized images, videos, music, or other copyrighted materials in your videos. If you use any content under fair use, provide proper attribution and follow relevant legal guidelines.
  1. Keep away from speculation: Your content should provide factual information about Gods Unchained focusing on gameplay mechanics and features. You should not lead any viewers to believe that they will make profits or returns by playing the Gods Unchained game or purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency (including $GODS) or NFTs or that cryptocurrency or NFTs should be treated as a financial product or speculative investment. Consider including a disclaimer in your content. For example:

“This content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any kind of investment or other advice. You should make your own inquiries before purchasing any cryptocurrency or NFTs.”

Remember to review these guidelines regularly and adapt them to any changes in Gods Unchained's policies or your audience's preferences. By following these guidelines, you can create engaging and responsible content for your Gods Unchained videos.

Content Ideas to get you started:

  1. How to get started with rewards (New Player Guide)
  2. What are DP&E rewards and what are Fragments?
  3. How to start earning $GODS rewards with DP&E
  4. When one enters a game - How to use Starter Deck
    How to Play the Game
  5. What is a collection?
  6. What are $GODS rewards and what utility does it have?
  7. Card Anatomy
  8. What are the different types of cards - creature, spell, relic
  9. What are the Archetypes?
  10. What is Rarity? Types and benefits
  11. What are the 3 things that you need to know before you start playing GU?
  12. Deck-building strategies for the 3 combos (aggro, control and combo)
  13. Best winning starter deck combinations
  14. Explained - rank system in GU / How to become a Mythic
  15. What are keywords? Explain with examples
  16. What are the different ways to play GU (Ranked Matchmaking Queue, Direct Challenge, Tutorial Missions (Single Player), Solo (Single Player), Play&Earn, Weekend Ranked)
  17. What are trinkets?
  18. What are Cardbacks? What kind of Cardbacks are available?

Tiers & Rewards

Finally, we want to ensure that you are rewarded for your creativity and vision. Content creators will be rewarded in $GODS in accordance with the below tiering. In order to be eligible for rewards, we ask that you create a certain amount of content per month in accordance with your tier – creators must fulfill the monthly requirement to be eligible for the rewards. The content of these videos is at your discretion provided they are in accordance with our T&Cs and Code of Conduct. As leading content creators, we want to provide the flexibility for you to let your imagination run wild and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And rest assured, this is just the initial phase of rewards we are launching with. As we iterate on the program, we will be adding and amending the rewards for more diversified perks and rewards!

TiersEligibilityMonthly RequirementMust fulfill for rewardsRewards ($GODS)Bonus Rewards ($GODS)Tier 1150,001 - 250,000 subs/ ~1,000,000 monthly views8 Videos

6000 $GODSIf total views per month reach 100K total views: 12,000 $GODS Tier 2100,001 - 150,000 subs/~500,000 monthly views7 Videos

2400 $GODSIf total views per month reach 50K total views: 6000 $GODSTier 325,001 - 100,000 subs/ ~250,000 monthly views6 Videos900 $GODSIf total views per month reach 25K total views: 3000 $GODS Tier 410,00 1 - 25,000 subs/ ~200,000 monthly views5 Videos450 $GODSIf total views per month reach 15K total views: 2000 $GODSTier 5<10,000 subs/ ~100,000 monthly views4 Videos300 $GODS