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Cosmic Shift Mechanics Explained





Mortals, an unknowable force will begin impacting the Gods Unchained card economy in mysterious ways. The Cosmos, the universe itself within Gods Unchained, is always striving for an alignment of the six domains – and the phenomena of the Cosmos correcting itself is called a “Cosmic Shift”. 

In the story: We see one such shift in action at its height when the Light domain switches from Thaeriel to Lysander. After this, the Cosmic Shift sweeps across Eucos, correcting the chaos thrust on its people throughout Season 1. Learn more about The Cosmos and Cosmic Shifts.

In the Marketplace: A Cosmic Shift is represented by the ENS CosmicShift.eth [0x7a15DDd9ae02F28b8957bb25A68eA21e670f958c] and lasts for a finite period. During a Cosmic Shift, cards will be purchased from the Marketplace to restore cosmic alignment to the world of Gods Unchained.

Some cards will be impacted by a Cosmic Shift, while others will remain untouched. A Cosmic Shift seeks to realign the six domains, pulling any domains that have grown or shrunk in power back to equilibrium. It is not a game-balancing tool but a tool led by Gods Unchained’s narrative. 

As these are unconscious movements within the universe, it is almost impossible for mortals to ascertain the specific cards targeted ahead of a shift, but it is clear that the causes and effects of the turmoil in Eucos will be involved. That said, observant mortals may be able to track the movements of a Cosmic Shift once it is in motion… 

Eucos’ best scholars have been studying this particular cosmic phenomenon, and they believe the latest Cosmic Shift is beholden to the following:

  • The Cosmic Shift (CosmicShift.eth) will purchase certain Gods Unchained assets from the Marketplace over a finite period from 4pm PT on the 26th of September and 4pm PT on the 12th of October.
  • Cards will only be purchased by CosmicShift.eth if listed in $GODS.
  • Selected cards linked to the theme Thaeriel’s Corrupting Influence on Eucos will be targeted. It’s up to the community to figure out which specific cards.
  • A limited number of each asset will be purchased. Additional assets of a specific type will not be purchased after the limit is reached.
  • Not all cards listed will be purchased; this includes assets above a certain price cap.
  • CosmicShift.eth is tied to the wallet address [0x7a15DDd9ae02F28b8957bb25A68eA21e670f958c]

The Cosmos works in mysterious ways. Will you be able to decode some of its majesty?

Please refer to the official terms and conditions of Light’s Verdict Cosmic Shift’s promotion for more details.


What is a Cosmic Shift?

A Cosmic Shift is a mysterious force that seeks to maintain a constant state of equilibrium within the six domains of Gods Unchained. It does so by following the lore of the game. If for some reason War, Nature, Light, Death, Magic or Deception become too dominant or too submissive in the narrative, it is at this junction when a Cosmic Shift takes place. For the very first time, a power imbalance is cited in the lore when Thaeriel becomes corrupt and has villainous plans for Eucos.

How does a Cosmic Shift work?

A Cosmic Shift’s main purpose is to return to a state of equilibrium any power imbalance that erupts within the game narrative. Since the Gods Unchained narrative is the guiding force for any Cosmic Shift, it is the lore that leads the way for which domains are out of balance and will benefit from going back to a state of harmony. Cards that are directly or indirectly linked to the power imbalance in the lore are targeted by this force.

How does one witness a Cosmic Shift?

Cosmic Shifts occur only when there is a power imbalance between domains. Therefore once the narrative highlights potential nonequilibrium the Gods Unchained team will set a fixed timeline during which all sweeps will be made. To witness a Cosmic Shift personally, first Mortals must try to decipher which cards the lore is targeting and list their cards in $GODS on the marketplace. If the cards listed fulfill divine intervention, they’ll be bought by the wallet.

How can one tell which cards will be targeted?

A Cosmic Shift will always follow a fixed predetermined timeline and one will never know for sure which cards are being targeted. The Gods Unchained team will sometimes share clues or shed some light on the overall theme a Shift is focused on remedying but it’s up to the community to decode the individual cards. Moreover, to achieve its targets, the wallet will look at assets in its path. In other words, cards listed too high will be overlooked. Lastly, all cards of a particular type will never be bought so as to avoid overcorrecting the narrative’s course.

What is the official Gods Unchained wallet?

CosmicShift.eth 0x7a15DDd9ae02F28b8957bb25A68eA21e670f958c is the one and only official ENS Domain and wallet held by the team.

How is Gods Unchained managing this process?

We are managing the process very carefully. The ownership of the wallet belongs a select few employees only. No other employees will receive any prior information as to which cards are being purchased, at what price or even for what purpose. We have an official Insider Trading Policy that all employees must adhere to and have strict enforceable policies to ensure strict codes of conduct within the company.

What will the wallet do with purchased cards?

There are many avenues we’re exploring like redistributing the cards back to the community for events, sharing them as rewards for participation, using them in the Forge to create higher quality NFTs, removing them from circulating supply to reduce the number of available assets or maybe even something else entirely. But since it is still a fairly new concept we’re introducing for the first time to the web3 industry we can’t commit to what all the avenues will be today.

Why is a Cosmic Shift beneficial to the Gods Unchained ecosystem?

There’s so much still to be discovered within web3 and we’ve barely scratched the surface with our current use cases. As a brand, our goal is to be innovative and set trends that others will follow. Cosmic Shift is an initiative that we believe will become part of the larger narrative of the Gods Unchained intellectual property (IP). This is our original approach to lore and will be the first time any web3 brand is attempting to strengthen meaningful IP engagement by expanding the story’s influence beyond gameplay and design but tying it to the marketplace too.

Is the Cosmic Shift mechanic intended to balance card supply?

No. This is a gamification mechanic designed for traders and collectors to create more meaningful connections between the various points of the Gods Unchained ecosystem.