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Council of Mortals Season Two





Announcing Season Two of Council of Mortals

Hello mortals, it’s Eclipse! I am extremely excited to be able to announce the second season of the Council of Mortals. It is something that has been in the works for a period of time now, with the valuable help of some of the previous council members. Read on for more information- what improvements have been made, how it will work continuing onwards and what we’re iterating forward. 

We have learnings  within the iterations and transitions of the Council of Mortals in the prior six months. There have been a ton of updates and changes so far, and we’re ready to continue iterating on such! 

We have learned so much within the last six months, and have started working on the agendas that the council have provided. We have a list of them available, and will be addressing them on the progress that we have made within the Council of Mortals transitional meeting!

We previously mentioned in the announcement of the first iteration of the Council of Mortals that we will be focusing on: 

  • A roadmap 
  • We’re looking to provide a closer peek into our world by providing cycle expectations so the community can be aware of exactly what’s brewing.
  • A regular dev update
  • We do monthly Dev diaries that provide updates on what’s happening and what to expect- you’re welcome and encouraged to check these out within the blog! 
  • More frequent Dev Deep Dives, AMAs
  • We have plans to do more! 

With that, we’re excited to kick off Council of Mortals Season Two, with nominations starting February 15th. We have opened up a discord channel for nominations, so please read the guidelines first before posting your nomination!

There will be one thread PER nominee, so if you see a name that you wanted to nominate don’t forget to follow the rules. 

Quick Synopsis of the Role of the Council: 

  • Give the playerbase a focused and constructive voice for their concerns. 
  • Provide the GU Team with insights closer to the community
  • Collaborate with the GU Team on what initiatives are in the best interest of the game. 
  • Gather answers from the GU team about any topics that are deemed important by the community

The council will still consist of the four different categories known as seats. A council member can only be elected to one Seat at a time, meaning that someone else is eligible to be elected to multiple seats but they’ll be chosen for a specific seat that they occupy. The maximum terms that one can serve in a row is two. Therefore, if you’re re-electing a council member please be informed that they will only be able to serve this council seat and will not be able to serve in the next council term afterwards. There will be no pre-elected seats - the election is in the hands of the community.

Seat of the Arena - four seats open: Previously, it was a seat that was elected by the team and offered based on their elite skills while playing at the top of the leaderboards. However, this election series is different as going forward the community will have to nominate the seat of the Arena. Though to qualify to go forward you will have had to be in the top 10 leaderboard in the last six to twelve months, or won a tournament twice (for both options).

Seat of the Curators - three seats open: This is for those who have the ultimate collection and have a deep understanding of the token economy. This will also be based on the intention to represent those who are most involved with and connected to the Gods Unchained economy as a whole. All three seats will be nominated by the community with review from the Gods Unchained team looking at the collections held in the IMX wallets.

Seat of the Illuminary - four seats open: The seat for the content creator, it will be split between a metric based eligibility and popular vote eligibility (but nominated and voted in). If you know a smaller creator, or someone that is a content creator that you believe would fit this criteria, don’t hesitate to nominate them!  

Seat of the Favored - four seats open: This is for the seat of the upstanding community members. Someone who has been consistently helping newcomers, who has passionate thoughts about how to make the game better and is constructive. This category is open for those that have a passion for Gods Unchained and those who have noticed as such. 


This is where it’s YOUR turn to participate. Nominations will start February 14 at 2PM PDT and run until February 20th at 4PM PDT. You will not be able to nominate yourself.  Someone will have to nominate you, and that person will need to hold a status role in the Discord or be seconded by another community member within the forum thread. (in the case of Reddit, as well as Discord someone else will have to upvote the thread as well as further elaborate as to why they also think this person is their chosen nominee). A nomination should include a tag to the player nominated, an indication of what seat that they should hold (what they’re being nominated for) and a reason as to why. There will only be one thread per nominee. If someone else thinks that same nominee is eligible, continue to write praise and your reasoning in the thread that has been previously created by the other. If the nominee is not interested in becoming a member of the council, the nomination thread will be locked and updated to reflect their choice not to run.  

We will then go through the nominations and tally up the most upvoted, seconded and overall supported nominations and bring the top 26 players to a general election-style vote based on both Discord and Reddit. We will not put up nominees for the general election before first ensuring that we have their consent to do so and the agreement that they will be capable and willing to uphold the duties of the seat.

During the time frame between the nominations and the voting - the nominated players will receive a message from Eclipse asking them to record a video or a written response for their council nomination. This video will not be shared with the nominations, but will be for the Gods Unchained team’s eyes only - to further encapsulate that one would like to run for the council. 


Voting will be conducted over a 72-hour period starting on February 25th at 4PM PST. Voting will end at the same time on the 28th.  There will not be any non-nominated seats, so please keep that in mind!

This is how it’ll work:
1. Nominations will be gathered by myself (Eclipse!) and we’ll post the top nominations for each seat into the voting channel on Discord and a thread on Reddit. (under the Council of Mortals category for Discord)

2. All Discord members who have passed verification will be eligible to vote, as well as those who have a Reddit account on Reddit. You can vote for more than one person for the seat if you wish. You will vote by emote reacting (or upvoting) against the relevant post that Eclipse put into the channel/thread for that specific person. Each Category will have a thread in both Reddit/Discord. All you would have to do is upvote the nominee you’d like to hold for that specific seat under the specified category (it will be posted as a response to the original post)!

We’ll tally up all the votes and announce the community members who have been elected to Seats by the end of the 3rd of March. Once each seat formally accepts, the council has officially started its second season.

What’s after that?

Once the council season two starts, the first steps will be to review the previous agenda and where the team is at with it. With this, there will be a list of discussion points generated by both the Council and the GU team with a new fresh set of eyes. Meetings will be held monthly on the last week of each month, on a Wednesday at 4PM PST/PDT. The agenda will be shared before the council meetings, but discussed up to two weeks prior by the Council with the team. The meetings will continue to be held over Discord Stages.

Elected Council members are expected to fulfill their duties according to a Code of Conduct, which will be provided once elected. In recognition of their ongoing efforts and to enable their activities to engage within the community each Council member will receive a monthly allocation of 300 $GODS as a gesture of appreciation and reward for their contribution.

If a member of the Elected Council is not actively participating in the creation of agendas, and attending meetings for a consecutive 2 months in a row, the Gods Unchained team is at their discretion to disqualify this member and go down the nomination shortlist for a replacement that is to be voted by the Council themselves.

We’ll continuously look to improve the mechanics of the Council, and are always open for feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else that one may be curious about. And with that, onwards to Council of Mortals Season 2!