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Post updated on 9th October at 10 am

The Daily Play & Earn Kicker Bonus Month is now over! Thank you to all Mortals who participated!

Daily Plan & Earn Kicker Bonus Month

Starting today, 8th September at 10:30 am AEST, we are launching Daily Play and Earn Kicker Bonus Month! It will last for one month until 10:30 am AEST on the 8th of October 2022 and is a way to give back more rewards to our active community members. The reason we're launching this program is to provide more value to our growing community. By implementing Daily Play and Earn Bonus Kicker Month for this limited time period, each time our player base increases we'll increase the daily rewards too by almost ~50%! However, in order for the increases to kick in, we must reach the higher player base tier and sustain it for at least 3 days. If we don't reach the next tier or reach but move below it to the initial tier in less than 3 days, rewards will not increase.

Have a look at the table below to understand the growth in rewards 🙌

Monthly UsersDaily TokensStarting Point14,00050,00021,00075,00032,000100,00045,000150,00075,000

As you can see, the rewards will increase dramatically when we reach a much larger player base. We hope this bonus month encourages more players to participate, especially since the newly-refined 1 Million Refer and Earn Program is also live.

Post updated on 8th September at 10 am

Hello mortals! It’s InFinitySquid here, and I am very excited to share details about the upcoming Daily Play & Earn feature for Gods Unchained launching on 31 August at 5 pm PDT. We know that the community anticipates this, so we wanted to ensure that all details about what to expect are shared with you so that you can be best prepared for when it launches later this month! Read on for all the details, or skim the TLDR version to get all the high-level information you need.

Daily Play & Earn TLDR

  • Fragments are points that represent the player’s performance in Daily Play & Earn and are used to calculate the portion of the Total Daily $GODS Rewards that they can receive. 
  • How to earn Fragments/$GODS
  • Play up to 10 Ranked matches each day. 
  • Only wins generate Fragments.
  • The first 3 wins of a day give double Fragments.
  • We calculate your rewards throughout the day based on this formula:

Your $GODS Reward for Daily Play & Earn = (Your Daily Fragments / Daily Community Fragments) * Total Daily $GODS Rewards

This is about as high level as it can get for Daily Play & Earn, but if you want more details, you can find them below!

How do I get Fragments?

Players can earn points called Fragments from the first 10 Ranked matches they play during the day. Only wins generate Fragments and the first 3 wins generate double the Fragments, so even if you can only win 3 matches a day, you will get a large portion of the potential Fragments you could earn on a given day. 
The amount of Fragments you can earn from winning a match depends on various factors, such as your Rank, how many wins you get and the Shine Quality of cards you use in the match. For an in-depth breakdown of how this works, please see our blog post on the Reward Calculation here.

How do Fragments become $GODS?

The calculation for how we determine the amount of GODS you earn during a day is this:

Your $GODS Reward for Daily Play & Earn = (Your Daily Fragments / Daily Community Fragments) * Total Daily $GODS Rewards

  • Where:
  • Your $GODS Reward for Daily Play & Earn is the $GODS tokens you will receive
  • Your Daily Fragments is how many Fragments a player earns during the day
  • Daily Community Fragments is the total Fragments earned by all participating players during that day
  • Total Daily $GODS Rewards is the total amount of $GODS that can be earned on that day.

Parts of this formula constantly change throughout the day (for example, if you play and win more matches, this increases the figures for Your Daily Fragments and Daily Community Fragments). This means that while an estimate of rewards is displayed during the day, the true amount of potential rewards can’t be known until the day is completed. Each day resets at midnight UTC, after which point the amount of $GODS a player earned in the previous day can be calculated.

How do I claim my $GODS rewards?

Any $GODS rewards that you have earned through Daily Play & Earn will be available to claim directly within the Daily Play & Earn dashboard of the Gods Unchained launcher. Rewards are available to claim 7 days after the day has ended to ensure any bots or bad actors can be identified and removed prior to these rewards being delivered. You’ll be able to track when your rewards can be claimed as well as how many $GODS will be distributed on an eligible day from the Daily Play & Earn dashboard when it goes live.

How do the Total Daily $GODS Rewards automatically adjust?

The total amount of $GODS tokens that can be earned daily will adjust each day based on the number of players who are actively participating in Daily Play & Earn. Since it won’t be known how many players will be eligible on a given day until that day has been completed, the total number of $GODS rewards will be scaled based on the change in the number of eligible players over the previous two days. If the number of players stays roughly the same, then the Total Daily $GODS Rewards will also remain the same size. However, if the number of eligible players changes dramatically, the Total Daily $GODS Rewards adjust to maintain similar rewards per player.

Total Daily $GODS Rewards Automatic Adjustment Algorithm

Starting Total Daily $GODS Rewards: 14,000

Maximum Total Daily $GODS Rewards: 30,000

How do I interact with Daily Play & Earn in the Gods Unchained?

You can access the Daily Play & Earn dashboard in the Gods Unchained launcher either from the button on the main screen or from the profile menu.

Image for demonstration only - Daily Play & Earn in the launcher

On the dashboard, players can see their results from previous days as well as how they are progressing through their 10 matches on the current day. This is also where players can claim their $GODS rewards from previous days and see time remaining for upcoming rewards to become unlocked.

Image for demonstration only - Daily Play & Earn Dashboard

Players can also find information on how they are performing for the current day, with a breakdown of how many wins or losses they have had as well as a running tally of the Fragments that they have earned. The Total Daily $GODS Rewards for the day is also displayed here as well as information on how many Fragments have been earned by the community as a whole. From here, an estimate is displayed on how many $GODS are currently allocated to you. Please note that this is an ESTIMATE ONLY and can change significantly throughout the day as more players participate.

Image for demonstration only  - Daily Play & Earn Dashboard Header

Thank you for your attention mortals and good luck in the Arena when Daily Play & Earn launches at the end of this month!

What happens to Weekend Ranked when Daily Play & Earn goes live? Daily Play and Earn will be active for all 7 days of the week, so it will overlap with Weekend Ranked

Will I still earn &GODS from Weekend Ranked after Daily Play & Earn is launched? $GODS rewards will be removed from Weekend Ranked after Daily Play and Earn is launched. Therefore this upcoming weekend will be the last WR that you can earn $GODS tokens!

What will I receive from Weekend Ranked after Daily Play and Earn launches? Rewards from Weekend Ranked will change to Packs only after this weekend (27-28 August), but the good news is you can continue to earn $GODS every day of the week from Daily Play and Earn!