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Divine Order is all set for sunset





Mortals, Divine Order, is heading for the setting sun. Mark your calendars; sales cease on 19th May at 12 am PDT. After this, the expansion set will make its way to the 'hall of fame', joining the ranks of previous historic, limited-edition collections from Gods Unchained.

Today, we reminisce about Divine Order one last time as it sails into the sunset, never to return to the mortal realm again. Whether you've recently taken to battle or mastered the domains, here's the TL; DR. Gather round, one and all, and let's take a short walk down memory lane.

Divine Order was the second set of season 1: Champions Rise. A time when chaos ensued as the six champions embarked on deadly tasks set by the gods. The six trials quickly turned into six triumphs: Orfeo, Champion of Deception; Valka, Champion of War; Lysander, Champion of Light; Neferu, Champion of Death; Pallas, Champion of Magic and Selena, Champion of Nature, successfully proved their worth.

Content with the champions' great displays of courage and strength, the gods bestowed them with divine powers in the Grand Arena. And just like that, these unvanquished victors would soon be known as demigods, walking the face of Eucos to protect it!

The Divine Order expansion set unveiled 194 brand new cards: 70 Commons, 57 Rares, 32 Epics, and 26 Legendaries. On top of these, there are six unique Promo cards and one one-of-a-kind Mythic: Temnys of Thebia, Chronicler. It added new gameplay mechanics and streamlined god powers such that there were only three for each domain. The set also introduced four new keywords, 'Order, Blessed, Frenzied, and Armour, ' allowing order to prevail in the Sanctum.

As Divine Order sales end forever, you have one final chance to pull a rare or live in regret. The choice is yours. Hurry, if you want to buy the expansion set, Malissus is banishing it *to the void* once and for all. Get your Divine Order pack today!