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Dread Awakening Is Now Live!



April 23 2024

Calling all hunters! Dread Awakening is now LIVE! Continuing from the events of Tides of Fate, the Dread has been unleashed, spreading across the Blessed Continent of Faenar. Join the Band of the Wolf as a hunter and traverse a land transforming under the Dread’s eerie and corrupting touch, all in search for the enigmatic “Lord of Luster”.

Our latest major expansion includes:

  • 132 brand-new cards with 7 mythic variants, and 3 promotional cards to collect.
  • Introducing the new ‘Dreadtouched’ mechanic & ‘Elderytch Mysteries’ ability.
  • Enhancements across all domains with new strategic twists.
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Crafting with the new "Shine-down" mechanic.
  • Sinister new trinkets and haunting cosmetic updates...and an enthralling array of collection rewards!

… and so much more!

Dread Awakening Packs

Dread Awakening Premium Packs are now for sale on the Gods Unchained website! The accepted payment methods are ETH, IMX, GODS, USDC and credit card (via Moonpay). 

  • Rare Packs: Priced at 4.99 USD, with a supply cap of 120,000.
  • Epic Packs: Priced at 19.99 USD, with a supply cap of 8,000.
  • Legendary Packs: Priced at 99.99 USD, with a supply cap of 1,000.
  • Shiny Legendary Packs: Priced at 209.99 USD, with a supply cap of 500. 

Dread Awakening sale is now live, with the sale expected to run for 120 days until 21 August 2024.

The sale will have a discount period where packs will be cheaper to purchase the earlier these purchases are made. This discount will start at 15% and will reduce down to 0% over the course of the first $600k in sales.

‍Read more about cards and packs from the set in the Dread Awakening Collector’s Guide.

Play for Dread Awakening packs

‍You can also collect Dread Awakening cards by playing Gods Unchained:

  • Weekend Ranked Packs: Earned through competitive play, these packs are awarded based on performance and are available in the following types:
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
  • Sealed Packs: Earned through sealed mode, these packs are awarded based on performance and are available in the following types:
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary


Mythic Variants

Mythic Variants stand as the pinnacle of collectible rarity within the Dread Awakening expansion. Each Mythic Variant is a unique 1/1 version of the Legendary cards from the set, featuring distinct artwork and exclusive card frames that set them apart as true collector's items.

They are available exclusively through Premium packs, with increasing drop rates depending on the rarity of the pack purchased:

  • Rare Packs: 1 in 33,333 chance to pull a Mythic Variant
  • Epic Packs: 1 in 5,882 chance to pull a Mythic Variant
  • Legendary Packs: 1 in 1,000 chance to pull a Mythic Variant
  • Shiny Legendary Packs: 1 in 350 chance to pull a Mythic Variant

Three ultra-rare promo cards will become available in Premium packs once all Mythic Variants have been discovered or otherwise acquired through community events.

Collection Rewards

Embark on a collector’s journey with Dread Awakening and unlock exclusive rewards based on the size of your collection! 

How it Works:

  • Reward Subset: Earn 1 point for collecting all 48 cards.
  • Premium Subset: Earn 3 points for collecting all 52 cards.
  • Chase Subset: Earn 5 points for collecting all 14 cards.
  • Crafting Subset: Earn 5 points for collecting all 18 cards.
  • Full Collection: An additional 6 points for collecting all 132 cards.

Diamond Hand Bonus:

Enhance your collection with Diamond quality Dread Awakening cards to accumulate more points:

  • Common Cards: 1 Point
  • Rare Cards: 2 Points
  • Epic Cards: 6 Points
  • Legendary Cards: 12 Points

Points stack, so holding multiple sets and multiple Diamond cards will provide additional points! Please ensure that your NFTs are held in the same wallet for your points to accumulate.


Achieve the highest collection points to earn ultra-rare promo cards, the coveted Digby cosmetic, and the elusive Dark Academy board. 

A snapshot will be taken 45 days post-release (around Midnight UTC, 7th June 2024) to determine the top 10 collectors who will be featured on a commemorative leaderboard. Collection Rewards will be distributed to players within 1 month of the snapshot. 

Dread Awakening - Community Sales $GODS Rewards

For the first time, we’re rewarding the Gods Unchained community directly for the success of the Dread Awakening expansion! Alongside Gods Unchained Corporation, we have created a rewards program as a way to give players a token of our appreciation. As sales milestones are reached, more $GODS rewards will be distributed back to the community as a token of our gratitude:

  • $600K USD Sales: 5% rebate, $30K USD in $GODS rewards.
  • $700K USD Sales: 5% rebate, $35K USD in $GODS rewards.
  • $800K USD Sales: 5% rebate, $40K USD in $GODS rewards.

A total of up to $105K USD in $GODS will be rewarded, divided proportionally based on the total amount each player has spent on purchasing Dread Awakening Premium Packs. 

Play Dread Awakening Wherever You Want

You now have the power to choose your battleground and play anywhere, anytime. GU Mobile is available on Play Store and the App Store worldwide. ‍

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