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Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX





Matchup #4: Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX

In the last matchup, Deception proved too cunning for Death, with Ludia just edging out Malissus for preference. This time around we’re taking a break from trinkets and rolling out some of the big guns.

In the red corner, we’ve got in-game emotes, and in the blue corner we’ve got Streamer Signature VFX.

Strap yourself in mortals… 

Option 1: Emotes 

Want to start communicating more on the Battlefield? This is the reward for you. 

Voting here will prioritize the development of tradable in-game emotes. Want to taunt your opponent?  Let them know that you’re about to drop some dirty cards? Or how about just be a darlin’ and commend them on their play?


Emotes will let you do all this and more, offering a variety of ways to communicate and meme your opponent as turns unfold. 

Option 2: Streamer Signature VFX 

Over in the blue corner we’ve got an exciting new initiative for players and streamers alike…

Imagine your favorite streamer, influencer, or pro player being able to sign a card, gift it, and then have special effects show up in the Arena whenever that card is played. Well, that’s Streamer Signature VFX!

(sample only - not representative of final quality!)

Eligible users will be able to cryptographically sign their cards, and signatures would produce unique visual effects when played in battle! The best part about it? No certificate of authenticity required. This is the blockchain baby, where immutable proof is just a few clicks away. 

So what will it be mortals? Emotes or Signatures? The clock is ticking… 

Remember, voting for these rewards only lasts 48 hours, at which time we’ll roll out the next bounty – so cast your votes now! Whichever one gets the most votes by the community will be prioritized by our team.