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Fusing in The Forge





Looking to turn your plain cards into tradable NFT cards, mortals? You've come to the right place.

What is The Forge?

As you rank up in Gods Unchained by playing games, players are rewarded with Core packs. You’ll sometimes notice that you’ve obtained one, two, maybe even four of the same Core card and are thinking “what good does this do me?”.

That’s where The Forge comes in. Once a player collects enough copies of a Core card, they can fuse those cards into a higher quality NFT version that can be sold.

To do so, a mortal will need to get their hands dirty in The Forge, spending a combination of flux and $GODS tokens to fuse these cards into an upgraded meteorite NFT version of that card. This upgrade adds the asset to the Immutable X, thereby creating a card with real world value that can be traded. 

What do I need to fuse my cards?

You need three things to get fusing:

  1. Two of the same plain Core card.
  2. Flux – an in-game resource earned in Ranked Constructed games via the Gauntlet of the Gods.
  3. $GODS – the Gods Unchained token and the main currency of our ecosystem, earned through play and earn events.

How do I get flux?

Flux is a resource that cannot be bought or sold, rather earned through specific Ranked Constructed wins. The amount of flux you earn for each win will be governed by your current rank as well as how many games you’ve won in a new challenge known as ‘The Gauntlet of the Gods’. Basically: the higher your rank and the more Gauntlet games you’ve won, the more flux you’ll get.

The Gauntlet of the Gods

The Gauntlet of the Gods, is a timed challenge that rewards you for victory and versatility – it’s also the only way to earn flux. Your Gauntlet run will begin automatically when you win your first ranked game for the day, activating the god that aligns with the deck you just won with. 

For example, if you claim victory using a Death deck, Malissus, God of Death, will be the first to activate and you’ll earn your first bit of flux.

Alongside Malissus, you’ll also activate the two adjacent gods on the gauntlet, in this case that’s Aeona (Nature) and Auros (War), though this exact order will be random every rotation. Winning a game using a deck aligned to one of these newly activated gods will unlock a further god, providing you with more opportunities to earn flux. In the above example, victory with a War deck will then unlock Elyrian (Magic) and so on.

While you can play unlimited games with the same god, flux will only be awarded for your first three triumphs with each. The Gauntlet aims to truly test those mortals who dare take up its challenge, favoring those who are able to appease all deities equally. This means you can earn flux for a total of 18 games per gauntlet (three with each god) and the amount of flux awarded scales with each gauntlet victory.

But be warned! While there is no punishment for losing a game, The Gauntlet of the Gods resets every 24 hours, regardless of how many games you’ve played. You gain more flux the further you are able to progress through the Gauntlet, and a reset each day means you’ll start from the beginning: earning the base amount of flux for your rank.

Flux By Numbers

Base flux is rewarded for each match a player wins in Ranked Constructed mode. The amount of the reward depends on the number of times that player has won with that and other gods before the system resets. Along with the player's rank.

  • Flux awarded for Bronze rank full Gauntlet = 65.5
  • Flux awarded for Mythic rank full Gauntlet = 1,310

*Note: These are subject to change as the system is improved in future iterations.

How do I get $GODS?

$GODS can be earned through various play and earn events within Gods Unchained. These are constantly changing, so keep an eye out as to how these can be earned. At the time of writing, these are earned through the Weekend Ranked event.

You can also sell NFT cards on Immutable X for $GODS or ETH.

How much and what will it cost to fuse my cards?

The costs associated with fusing Core cards into meteorite versions is as follows: (NOTE: this is subject to change as other factors are taken into consideration by the team to ensure a healthy game economy).

  • To fuse a ‘common’ Core card, you will need: 0.1 $GODS + 20 flux
  • To fuse a ‘rare’ Core card, you will need: 0.3 $GODS + 40 flux
  • To fuse an ‘epic’ Core card, you will need 0.7 $GODS + 120 flux
  • And to fuse a ‘legendary’ Core card, you will need 1.5 $GODS + 200 flux

To identify what rarity your card is, check out the colored crystals on either side of a card’s nameplate or check out our card anatomy guide. A grey crystal indicates a common card, pale blue: a rare card, purple: an epic card, and gold means the gods must look favorably upon you, mortal, because you’ve landed yourself a legendary card!

How do I fuse a card?

We’re onto the fun part now, mortals!

Step 1: To fuse Core cards into a singular meteorite version of that card, you’ll need to own two of that plain Core card. You can get doubles by playing games, earning Core packs and opening them in The Temple.

Step 2: Got your hands on two Shadow Scryers now? Navigate to the ‘Forge’ tab in either the Launcher or Gods Unchained website. You’ll be directed to a nifty looking screen with a buncha’ cards on the left, and a fancy looking circle on the right. 

Step 3: Importantly, now comes the time to choose the wallet you’d like to mint your nearly-almost-so-close-you-can-taste it new NFT. Click the drop down menu to select the wallet of your choice.
Note: Remember this wallet, because you’ll need to use it again later. If you don’t know how to link a wallet to your Gods Unchained account and your Immutable X account, visit this page.

Step 4: Next up, picking the lucky cards to be fused. Click on the image of the Shadow Scryers you’d like to fuse, then you’ll be able to see how many copies of this card you have. Select any two of these.

Step 5: If you have your cards selected and an adequate flux and $GODS balance, you’ll notice that the ‘Start Fusing’ button is now shiny and clickable. 

Step 6: Click the button! You’ll be given a final confirmation pop up to quadruple check you’d like to proceed with fusing, and then you’ll be on your way. Note: By proceeding through this step and agreeing, your flux and cards will be taken to be used for fusing your brand new NFT.

Step 7: You will then be taken to a webpage hosted by Immutable X, to confirm the minting process of your brand new NFT. This will involve a signature via both Immutable X and Metamask. Note: make sure the wallet address you’ve selected in The Forge screen at the beginning of this process matches the wallet linked in the Immutable X window or else the fusing won’t work. Note #2: If you deny the signature and/or click out of the pop-up window, your transaction will be halted. Navigate back to The Forge history section to retry.

Step 8: The hard work is done! From here, your newly minted card should appear shortly both in your ‘Collection’ screen in the Launcher and in your Immutable X Inventory

If you want to check back on the history of your fusing prowess, there’s a button for that too. In the ‘Forge’ tab in the Launcher, you’ll see a little tab labelled ‘History’. Click that to pour over the details of your last 60 fusing transactions. You’ll be able to see the time stamp, status, card ID, name of the card that was fused, cost (in flux / $GODS) and the wallet to which the card was minted! 

Got more questions relating to The Forge? Visit our FAQ page.