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Genesis Board & Trinket Trading





Update Tuesday 13 April, 2021: The official marketplace has been retired and Immutable X is the new trading platform to trade Gods Unchained cards! Begin trading.

Ever noticed a mortal with a slumbering dragon curled around their board? Or Hyperion’s Black star swirling menacingly, threatening to consume the very particles around it?

These are all trinkets and boards from the Genesis era, which mortals either unlocked through their impressive collection of Genesis cards or via the Genesis Raffle. 

Opening the market

Only a limited amount of these items were released, meaning these items have been previously unavailable to anyone who missed out. This is about to change as the non-fungible tokens for these items are currently being delivered to mortals who own these items in-game, with delivery being completed over the next few weeks. 

On top of this, trading for boards and trinkets will be activated with (or before, depending on distribution) the launch of Trial of the Gods on both the Official Marketplace and third party marketplaces.

Who gets ‘em?

If you own a Genesis trinket or board asset in game, you can expect to receive your NFT before the release of Trial of the Gods.

Boards: To have obtained a board, you needed to achieve at least one of the below collection level titles before the end of the Genesis presale in October, 2019. 

  • Initiate Board: 100 unique Genesis cards
  • Acolyte Board: 200 unique Genesis cards
  • Disciple Board: 250 unique Genesis cards
  • Priest Board: 300 unique Genesis cards
  • Archon Board: 350 unique Genesis cards
  • Demigod Board: 377 unique Genesis cards

As the Genesis board is an evolving board (one that adds more detail with each increase in your collection level title), mortals who achieved one of the above will receive one board equal to the title they achieved unless eligible for prestiging. For example: if you achieved the Demigod title, you will receive the Demigod board. 

Trinkets: To have obtained one of the newly minted trinkets, you needed to have been a winner in the Genesis Raffle. Raffle winners were notified by email to confirm their victory before being sent the digital trinket for use in-game. The actual NFT (the thing that makes this item truly yours and tradable) is currently being minted, and that’s what’s being delivered. 

Trading: Didn’t do any of these things but really want one? Trading will be activated with (or before, depending on distribution) the release of Trial of the Gods and these will start to appear on both the Official Marketplace and third-party marketplaces from mortals who have decided to trade.

This is not my beautiful board!

You may have received NFTs that aren't the same as those you’ve been using in-game, but don’t stress! In a few instances boards were sent based on the number of Genesis cards per wallet ID, not the number of Genesis cards per account ID. These are currently being resent and you’ll have the correct NFT that matches your in-game board before Trial of the Gods launches. 

All NFTs that have been incorrectly sent will be made void and untradable before the official Genesis NFTs are activated. This is possible because trading for the old NFTs has yet to be activated. Once trading is turned on, the new assets will become yours and yours alone. 

Hydras, kitties & card backs

The hydra and CryptoKitty statues are the only two trinkets of the Genesis era that haven’t been usable in-game yet. 

The hydra is a tiered trinket, with extra heads being unlocked depending on how many tokens mortals collected during the Genesis era. This meant there were several iterations of the hydra that needed refining. After trading is activated on the distributed NFTs, those who own the snappy li'l creatures will be able to show them off in-game, as hydras will become a functioning trinket!

CryptoKitty statues are another matter. The NFTs for these tokens are already in the wild and tradable, but we’re still working on implementation.

Similarly, while royal card back NFTs will be delivered and tradable before the release of Trial of the Gods, they won’t appear in-game straight away. This is because customisable card backs aren’t yet a functional feature of Gods Unchained and still require some tinkering. 

We’ll be coming out with an update regarding CryptoKitty statues and card backs in a short while, so watch this space!

Trial of the Gods approaches

What’s next on the cards? Trial of the Gods, the new timed set, is almost upon us – including its own unique collection of trinkets and boards that further expand the realm of Eucos and the players (*ahem* champions) within it.

Prepare yourself, mortal.

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