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Gods Unchained 2024 Roadmap: Winds of Change




We hope you’ve had a great start to the year, and that this makes it even better.

As the Lunar New Year of The Dragon approaches, the winds of change whisper secrets of grandeur and excitement. We’re unfolding the parchment that’s guiding us through the enchanted realm of Eucos, inspired by the unwavering spirit and asks of our community.

You’ve seen the improvements we’ve made, and have borne witness to how much we’ve listened to the community, and this roadmap is a further reflection of just that. The world of Eucos is bigger than we imagined, and we’re proud to embark on this journey with you mortals.

Mobile Release

The much-anticipated Gods Unchained Mobile is right around the corner! You’ll be able to play your favorite TCG anywhere, anytime- you literally get to choose your battleground. Get ready to scale the ranks on the go as you leave your opponents weeping on their toilet bowls, making a scene on a train or bus, or ignoring the pleas of their young child asking for another story (please don’t do that). It’s your call 👀

New Major Expansions

Brace yourselves as new expansions loom on the horizons. Without revealing too much, let's just say the air is filled with anticipation and dread. Uncover new mechanics, new cards, new characters and new revelations.

Mythic Variants

Every collector’s dream, Mythic Variants, are exclusive and highly coveted versions of Tides of Fate Legendaries. With unique art and frames, these 1:1 collectibles will be distributed through various engaging mechanics. Obtaining them will not be easy, but that’s exactly what makes them so special. Find out how you can get your hands on them soon- only if you’re chosen by them.

More Game Modes

Get ready for fresh challenges with the introduction of new game modes. These additions promise to test your skills and strategies in new and exciting ways. The game is expanding and so is the fun! Your mind is about to get stretched even further.

Server Logic Re-write

Easier said than done, we’re working on a comprehensive server logic re-write that will enhance performance and solve technical issues. You will be able to see and feel these upgrades as you play, making your gaming experience feel smoother and more satisfying than ever before.

New Progression System

Forging your destiny requires a clear path forward.
We’ll also implement an improved progression system, designed to make your journey through Gods Unchained more rewarding and satisfying.

Chest Migration to L2

Good things come to those who wait. The migration of chests to Layer 2 will make transactions more streamlined and accessible for you.

What’s Next

These are definitely not an exhaustive list of what’s happening this year, so stay tuned to our channels to find out more.

To help address any burning questions, we’ll be organizing an AMA session on Discord on February 13th at 4pm PST to share more behind-the-scenes information, insights and to really discuss with the community where we’re at.