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Gods Unchained Announces Major Expansion: Tides of Fate


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained announces the next major expansion Tides of Fate, including 142 brand-new cards, a groundbreaking Choose Your Faction feature that impacts the story, a powerful new game mechanic Manasurge, and so much more!

Land ho! Calling all mortal seafarers to join the next big adventure in Gods Unchained!

There’s a brand-new world to explore, bursting with new characters and creatures (Dragons, Atlanteans, oh my…), a powerful new mechanic shaking up the way you play, grand battles where you must choose your faction, and where victory or defeat will forever impact the narrative.

Tides of Fate launches October 25th at 11am AET

Visit the Tides of Fate website to dive into the set details:

Gods Unchained: Tides of Fate

The full card set is now also viewable! Visit this page to explore the full set:

Tides of Fate Full Card List

Check back often as the site will continuously update over the next weeks!

Now, let’s hoist the sails and set a course for the horizon!

142 New Cards, Infinite Ways to Play

This new set expands the world of Eucos, bringing the young warrior Eiko to faraway lands across the Shimmering Atlant to Sartonia, the Whitesalt City, and Vasek, the island of fire.

There are 142 new cards in Tides of Fate, including 15 new Legendary Creatures to collect!

Discover new characters like swashbuckling pirate Admiral Mayday, the brilliant Sartonian scientist Francesca, and Tarken, the venerable leader of the Draka.

Join Eiko as she searches for her old Band of the Wolf friend Reios, who was lost after a great battle with Thaeriel at Raneko village.

Tides of Fate is also replacing Mortal Judgement as the rewards packs for playing and winning Sealed Mode and Weekend Ranked matches!

Choose Your Faction, Change the Story

Tides of Fate introduces a groundbreaking feature where you select your faction, forge allegiances, and battle it out to influence the game and story.

You will be able to choose between two factions: Sartonians or Draka.

Sartonians are industrious peoples, who pilot magical Atlanteans. They harvest domain crystals to build incredible inventions and power the majestic city of Sartonia.

Draka are spiritual people who ride upon the backs of powerful Dragons. They live as one with the oceans of the Shimmering Atlant and revere its sacred crystals.

Faction skirmishes

When selecting a faction, all players receive two Legendary Hero cards:

Zaskia is the ace pilot of the Sentinel of Sartonia, and Glinn is the strongest warrior of the Draka. Both are fearless leaders, and with your help are determined to bring their alliance to victory.

Every few weeks a skirmish will break out between these two factions. Skirmish results will affect each faction’s Hero cards, the story, and are immortalized on the special Tides of Fate cardback:

After each skirmish, depending on who wins, the empty slots on the cardback will be filled with a red (Draka) or blue (Sartonian) crystal.

Not only that, the legendary Hero cards, Zaskia and Glinn, will also change after each skirmish result, with the result of the final skirmish transforming these two cards forever…

Which side will you choose?

New Keyword: Manasurge

The mana crystals of the Shimmering Atlant are full of power and you can use them to your advantage.

Spending the required mana while holding a card with the Manasurge keyword will activate it, giving the card a bonus effect when played.

With Manasurge, your cards will unlock more power later in the game without increasing their cost, opening up new strategic possibilities.

Manasurge X. Spend X mana on cards or god powers in a single turn while holding this card to give it a bonus effect

Will you play your cards early without the bonus effect, or will you wait to unleash their full power with Manasurge?

The choice is yours.

Exclusive Cards Only Through Crafting

After experimenting with a new Crafting mechanic in our last set Band of the Wolf, we’re taking the Crafting system to the next level in two ways.

First, Tides of Fate will feature exclusive cards that will only be available through the Crafting system by following specific recipes. Second, Crafting will be fully automated and integrated into the Forge.

With these updates to Crafting, collecting the full Tides of Fate set will become a more dynamic experience!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more information on Tides of Fate rolling out in the next weeks:

🔹A Buyer’s Guide for Tides of Fate with pack distributions and card drop rates

🔹A breakdown of the new Choose Your Faction feature and skirmishes

🔹A breakdown of the new Crafting system and associated recipes

🔹A behind the scenes deep dive on how this set came to be

… and more!

Visit the Tides of Fate website to dive into the set details:

Gods Unchained: Tides of Fate

The full card set is now also viewable! Visit this page to explore the full set:

Tides of Fate Full Card List

Keep checking back for updates!

We're excited to take you along on this journey to the Shimmering Atlant and beyond!

Tides of Fate launches October 25th at 11am AET