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Welcome Mortals to a quick “Game Modes” guide in Gods Unchained. This article will cover all available ways to play Gods Unchained and the rewards you can get from playing them. 

The modes we discuss will include:

  • Tutorial Missions
  • Solo Mode
  • Direct Challenge
  • Ranked Matches

In the Ranked Matches section, we will cover Weekend Ranked Events and Daily Play & Earn, so if you're here to read up on those, feel free to skip to the end.

Before we jump in, if you need any help setting up the game, check out our “How To Get Started” guide. It covers everything starting from registration to installation and downloading a crypto wallet. 

With no further delay, let’s get to our topic for today.

1. Tutorial Missions

Tutorial missions are to be your first experience with the battle mechanics. Available from the very start, they will guide you through everything you need to know to get started in the arena.

Click “Select Mission” in the Arena tab and jump right in. Currently, there are 2 tutorial missions available. Completing each mission will reward you with Card Packs. We strongly recommend you complete these missions when you begin your journey in Gods Unchained. You may not need the tutorial, but those Card Packs will surely come in handy *wink*

2. Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, you battle against an AI. Test out new Decks (the combination of cards you bring to battle), and get some more practice in this game mode. Available from the Arena menu, select two Decks, one for you and one for the AI, and press the “Play” button.

While the game mode is undoubtedly helpful and can even be challenging depending on the selected Decks, you will not receive any reward for winning the match. 

3. Direct Challenge

Let’s get into some PvP (player versus player) action. Using Direct Challenges, you can fight your Gods Unchained friends. Both you and your friend will need to create a temporary code to challenge each other. The code has to be unique and between 3 to 40 characters long, or you might get matched with another player. 

Like all other game modes, it is available in the Arena. Have fun!

4. Ranked Matches

Ranked Matches are how you progress and rank up in the Gods Unchained. By entering Ranked Matches, you face off with another player of similar rank. The Deck strength or the rarity of the cards in it does not affect matchmaking. 

If you win, you will earn:

  • Experience points
  • Stars (Free in-game currency)
  • Ranked points

If you lose, you get:

  • Experience points
  • A crack in your shield

Ok, let's break this down.

Marked by “1” is your Ranked Shield. Each time you lose a battle, the Shield will suffer some damage. After 4 losses, you will lose a chunk of progress from your Ranked Bar and will deteriorate to a lower rank.

Marked by “2” is the previously mentioned Ranked Bar. Each win will progress your ranked bar, and if you manage to fill it, you will advance to the next rank. 

There are a total of 12 ranks:

  1. Rusted Bronze
  2. Purified Bronze
  3. Rusted Iron
  4. Purified Iron
  5. Impact Meteorite 
  6. Astral Meteorite
  7. Twilight Shadow
  8. Midnight Shadow
  9. Auric Gold
  10. Solar Gold
  11. Ethereal Diamond
  12. Mythic

Marked by “3” is the Safe Point. If you manage to fill the bar beyond the Safe Point, you will not lose your rank if your shield breaks. You will, however, lose some progress on the Ranked Bar.

The rewards you earn by winning ranked matches depend on Weekend Ranked Event and Daily Play & Earn.

Weekend Ranked Event

Weekend ranked events take place every weekend from Friday 5 am PDT/4 am PST – Monday 5 am PDT/4 am PST. The timer on the Ranked tab will tell when the event will start or end, depending on the day, of course.

Competing in the Weekend Ranked Event will reward you with valuable card packs from the latest expansion set. It is essential to know that you have to have a crypto wallet linked to your account; otherwise, you won't be able to receive the earned card packs.

The rewards you receive will depend on a couple of factors:

  • Number of wins in your first 18 games of Weekend Ranked
  • Your starting rank before the event begins

Check out the reward calculations graph if you're interested in the details. The final results of each weekend event are published on our Discord, with the core packs being distributed shortly after the announcement. Read all the details on Weekend Ranked in this blog post.

Daily Play & Earn

Daily Play & Earn is the primary way you will get $GODS rewards, the game's in-game currency. You can access the daily event by clicking the “Daily Play & Earn” button from Arena or from your profile picture.

Every day, the first 10 Ranked Games you play will reward you with Fragments, and the first three games will give you double. Fragments are earned only if you win the match. How many Fragments you earn depends on several factors, including your Rank and the overall Quality of the cards you use in the match. To can find out more about Card Quality in our “Cards and Sets” guide.

The cycle is reset daily at 12am UTC, after which you will be awarded $GODS based on the number of Fragments you earned and the number of players that participated in the Daily Play & Earn. 

The formula for calculating your reward is:

$GODS Reward for Daily Play & Earn = (Your Daily Fragments / Daily Community Fragments) * Total Daily $GODS Rewards

The more people participate in the event, the higher the rewards will get. For in-depth calculations and formulas, look into our “Daily Play & Earn” blog post.
Look, we get that the calculations and the different factors they depend on can be a bit confusing. The bottom line is the more matches you win from the first 10 daily matches, and the higher Quality cards you use, the more $GODS you will earn.

Do not forget to “Claim” your rewards from the “Daily Play & Earn” tab daily. The $GODS you earned won't disappear, and you can always check how much you have gained later on.

Well, that's about it; pretty much all the information you need about the game modes in Gods Unchained. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord, our active community is always happy to help. And to keep up with new and exciting updates, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Now go forth, Mortal, and get rewarded!