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Gods Unchained Roadmap: The Way Forward





Greetings, Mortals! I’m Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer at Gods Unchained and I’m thrilled to unveil our latest roadmap, packed with popular features you have asked for and enhancements that will redefine your gaming experience!

For those who’ve been on the ride for a while, you will remember our commitment to be more transparent with the community. While we’ve made progress, now, I want to give you an even more tangible touchpoint you can refer to by each quarter! I'll be sure to share more timely updates (besides the quarterly ones) and hang with the community each week too. Come, ask questions in Discord.

At Gods Unchained, we strive to continually evolve and innovate, and this roadmap reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming adventure for all of you. Before we begin, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. The community is at the heart of the game and I’m so ecstatic to be able to share this roadmap co-created with your feedback and inputs! As I always say, please continue to share what you’d love to see as it helps us direct our focus and build a better game. 

Let's dive into the exciting details that await you on this epic journey!

Game Mode Experiments

Brace yourself for new game mode experiments that will offer a unique challenges to your skills. I’m also delighted to announce the introduction of the long-awaited 'Sealed' game mode, which the community has eagerly anticipated. I appreciate your patience and support and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

New Pack Opening Experience

Opening card packs will never be the same again! We're revamping the pack opening experience with an element of anticipation that will make every pack opening a memorable event. The new system will bring about a much smoother and significantly improved user experience for all users, especially those with poor internet connections. This is part of our work in building the mobile experience, and will allow us to offer more content directly to you.

New Content Creator Program

We value the incredible content creators within our community, and we're launching a bigger-and-better program to empower and support them. We want to empower our creators by providing them the freedom to create videos of their choice. Creators will get access not only to rewards, but exciting collaborations, exclusive opportunities, and recognition for the exceptional content you create. This program will be launched as a pilot first hand so stay tuned for the upgraded iteration in the future.

$GODS Staking Dashboard

I’m finally excited to share our $GODS staking dashboard. A one-stop shop for you to effortlessly manage your $GODS tokens, track your rewards, and more from the convenience of a dedicated dashboard. There’s a lot more exciting things we want to do with this in the future, so stay tuned.

Mobile Soft Launch

The Gods Unchained experience is expanding its horizons! Earlier this year, we trialed the pre-alpha on mobile for Android users and the love from the community was overwhelming. Over 60K app sessions in less than 30 days! I’m excited to announce we’ve signed our mobile vendor iLogos! The mobile dev team has already begun working in the background and we're on track to bring the game to all (Android and iOS) mobile devices with a soft launch later this year. 

Server Logic Re-write and More

Behind the scenes, we're undertaking a comprehensive server logic re-write and implementing various other technical upgrades. These enhancements will fortify the game's infrastructure, bolster performance, and ensure a seamless gaming experience. Like I said, you’ll be able to see and feel these upgrades in gameplay! 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything we are working on, and we’ll be dropping more information about our quality of life improvements, details on our rotating game modes, set rotations, and more in our channels.

What you can expect next

Roadmap reveal AMA with me. I know you have burning questions and curiosity about the game's direction. That's why we're organizing an exclusive "Ask Me Anything" session on 25th May at 10 am AET in Discord. I will talk about the decision-making process and behind-the-scenes discussions that shaped this roadmap and share insights on why these features are important at this stage. Get ready to engage in an enlightening conversation!