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Gods Unchained now featured on Amazon Prime Gaming!


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Calling all Amazonians, and every tribe of Eucos!

Gods Unchained is now featured as part of the Amazon Prime Gaming platform, offering more than 200 million subscribers the chance to play the game and claim unique in-game items.

Amazon Prime Gaming is at the forefront of the gaming industry, with a remarkable 35 million monthly game and reward redemptions.

As part of this exciting collaboration, Gods Unchained players who link their Prime Gaming accounts will gain monthly access to exclusive in-game items.

Link your GU and Prime gaming accounts to claim rewards!

Over the next months we will have monthly pack rewards for players who link their Gods Unchained and Prime Gaming accounts. These packs will be claimable through the Prime Gaming website.

Here are the dates and corresponding pack rewards:

  • Month #1: December 5th 2023 to January 9th 2024
    5 Core Rare Packs & 1 Core Nature domain pack
  • Month #2: January 9th to February 12th
    2 Core Rare Packs + 1 War Core Rare Pack
  • Month #3: February 12th to March 11th
    2 Core Rare Packs + 1 Magic Core Rare Pack
  • Month #4: March 11th to April 8th
    2 Core Rare Packs + 1 Deception Core Rare Pack
  • Month #5: April 8th to May 13th
    2 Core Rare Packs + 1 Light Core Rare Pack

How to link your Gods Unchained and Prime Gaming accounts and claim your rewards
Follow these steps if it’s the first time claiming the pack rewards:

  • Go the the Gods Unchained page on the Prime Gaming
  • Click claim reward packs on Prime Gaming website
  • You will be redirected to the Gods Unchained login page
  • Signs up for a new Gods Unchained account or sign in with your existing to the Gods Unchained account
  • You will be presented with a “Link Amazon Account OR Login with Amazon Account” button
  • Click the button to link your Gods Unchained and Prime Gaming accounts
  • You will be redirected back to Prime Gaming website
  • Click the claim rewards button to claim your first rewards

After following these steps, your accounts will be linked.

For the subsequent monthly drops after this first time, you will need to go to the Gods Unchained page on Amazon Prime gaming and click “claim rewards” and you will then automatically receive the rewards to your GU account.

Gods Unchained now available on the Amazon Prime Gaming platform!

Gods Unchained is the flagship trading card game built by Immutable. With the addition of Gods Unchained to the Amazon Prime Gaming platform, 200 million subscribers will get the chance to be introduced to the power of true ownership of digital assets.  

This is how we continue to push Gods Unchained into mainstream gaming.

Play Gods Unchained now!