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GU Mobile: Launch Date Reveal by DP



Hey there, Mortals! I’m Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer at Gods Unchained.

Unless you've been stuck under the rubble after the battle in the Shimmering Atlant, you would have seen the teasers going around. It’s amazing how quickly some of you got it!

I’m here to officially announce that we are launching GU Mobile, the complementary app to your PC experience on Feb 29, 4pm AET/Feb 28, 9pm PST. This is your golden ticket to taking the epic battles of Gods Unchained with you, anytime, anywhere.

Picture this: you get to choose your God, your cards, and now, your battleground, all from the palm of your hand.

GU Mobile is designed as the perfect sidekick to your PC gameplay. While it's a bit leaner for now, we will continue to develop it into a full-on GU experience. Expect to have a seamless log-in or sign up through Immutable passport. Get that rush of adrenaline and dopamine as you open your packs and constantly tweak your killer decks with any new ideas that pop up, wherever and whenever you want.

If you were part of the 66000+ games played during pre-alpha, you’d probably be most interested in the game modes included: Ranked, Solo, and Casual are all waiting for you in the arena. 

The real game-changer? Playing GU Mobile on the go. Whether you're commuting, chilling at a friend's place, or just seizing a moment of downtime, GU Mobile is your gateway to continuous play, no matter where life takes you.

To our newcomers and veterans alike, this is your invitation to early access to choose where you want to play.

See you in the arena, wherever that may be!