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Guide To Weekend Ranked Constructed





This blog is old news, mortal! For the latest on rewards and rules, head to the current Weekend Ranked blog.

What is Weekend Ranked Constructed?

Weekend Ranked Constructed is a competitive game mode that takes place every weekend. Players use pre-constructed decks to battle it out for free packs, which are typically awarded the following Wednesday. There is no entry fee to enter Weekend Ranked Constructed, and there is no requirement users own Genesis cards. 

When is Weekend Ranked Constructed?

11pm Friday - 11pm Monday (Sydney time). For those of you crazy enough to live anywhere else in the world, here’s some common conversions:  

  • 3pm Friday - 3pm Monday, Moscow Standard Time (Russia) 
  • 4am Friday - 4am Monday, Pacific Standard Time (North America) 
  • 9pm, Friday - 9pm Monday, Japan Standard Time (Japan) 
  • 12pm, Friday - 12pm Monday, British Summer Time (UK)
  • 1pm, Friday - 1pm Monday, Central European Summer Time (Germany)

We recently made Ranked Constructed available throughout the rest of the week. This means Tuesday - Thursday players can practice the format and sharpen their skills, but prizes won’t apply until the clock strikes 11:00pm Friday (kangaroo time).     

Where do I find Weekend Ranked Constructed?

During the week, Ranked Constructed will be on the right side of the client. On Friday night, the Ranked Constructed tile will be replaced by Weekend Ranked Constructed. The other game modes will be stacked behind this tile. 

Note: if you’re a new player, you’ll see Solo on the left side of the client, instead of Constructed. When you complete 30+ games on any game mode, it will be replaced with Constructed. This doesn’t mean you can’t play Constructed in the interim, we’ve just made Solo visible to new players so they’re encouraged to learn the basics on our friendly AIs. 

How Does The Ranking System Work? 

There are 12 ranks in Weekend Constructed: 

  1. Rusted Bronze 
  2. Purified Bronze 
  3. Rusted Iron 
  4. Purified Iron 
  5. Impact Meteorite 
  6. Astral Meteorite 
  7. Twilight Shadow 
  8. Midnight Shadow 
  9. Auric Gold 
  10. Solar Gold 
  11. Ethereal Diamond 
  12. Mythic 

As players win games their win-meter fills up. When that win meter reaches 100, they’ll level up to the next rank. When players lose matches it can cause damage their shield. If their shield receives 4 cracks, they’ll either be docked from their win-meter, or move down in rank.

Prizes are awarded based on the highest rank you achieve, as opposed to the rank you end up on. So don’t be afraid to take risks and keep battling, even after you make it to a high rank.   

How Are Prizes Awarded? 

We award prizes in two categories:  

  1. For the top-tier a player reaches
  2. For the top 10 Mythic tier players over the weekend 

As players climb the ranks and accrue more wins, they unlock new tiers of prizes. Here’s a helpful graphic to illustrate the correlation: 

Prizes are awarded based on the highest tier a player reaches over the weekend. They are listed as follows: 

Players who are already Mythic (the maximum rank) can also receive prizes by finishing in the Top 10 in their division. There is a dedicated reward structure for Mythic tier, like so:

The top players from both categories are represented in a weekly Leaderboard (below) that is published, along with a spreadsheet of all player results, on the official Discord.

Note: players cannot win prizes in both categories.

Need Help? 

If you have any questions or want to report unsportsman-like behavior, Discord is your first port of call. Reach out to a GU team member and they’ll be happy to help. Anyone abusing the system and intentionally tanking their ranking (in order to climb back up again) will be disqualified from prizes. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Weekend Ranked Constructed, if you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to reach out on Discord. Or, if you’re looking to up your game, check out the latest meta update for the down-low on deck-performance.

See you in the Arena, Mortals! 

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