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Immutable Passport is Coming to Gods Unchained!


We have an exciting update to enhance the Gods Unchained experience!

We’re beginning our rollout of Immutable Passport in Gods Unchained as of early December 2023

We're starting with the sign-in method, with the wallet integration coming at a later date.

What is Immutable Passport?

Immutable Passport is the next generation of web3 wallets, bringing together industry standard log-in methods supercharged with web3 features like digital asset management.

Immutable passport is a universal gamer profile, a secure identity that will give you access to all games and marketplaces powered by Immutable so your assets, funds and achievements travel with you. It allows you to log into one immutable game and still enjoy the next without the headache of changing accounts.

For GU, our users will get to experience the account and authentication functionality, with the wallet coming as a future iteration.

What are the benefits of signing in with Immutable Passport?

🔹 Allows new users to create a Gods Unchained account with Google, Apple or email, lowering the onboarding friction

🔹 Simplifies and streamlines the login process with passwordless sign in, free of reCAPTCHA

Longer term benefits after wallet integration

🔹 Allow new users to experience GU with less friction by reducing confirmations, wallet creation and an enriched user experience

🔹 Allows players easily move to GU from multiple games and marketplaces, as assets, identity and achievements follow them across new worlds

What's changing?

Logging in will involve entering your Gods Unchained associated email.

A one-time password will be sent to your account as a verification to login. Once you input the OTP, you will be logged in.

There will only be changes to the log-in system and will not affect in-game data or your collection.

The migration will happen on our backend, and you only need to sign in.

Exclusive Rewards for Early Adopters!

To commemorate the adoption of Immutable Passport within the GU Ecosystem, we’re offering an exclusive Passport Cardback limited to users who log in during the first week. Simply log in within the first week of the migration to get yours.

What if You Choose Not to Migrate?
If you do not wish to migrate to Immutable Passport, 30th November 2023 would be the cut off date to delete your existing account. You are free to choose not to migrate, and can request to delete your account using the CS 'Delete Account' service.

After Immutable Passport is implemented, the previous login system will no longer be supported and accessing the game through this system will no longer be possible.

Need Help or More Info?

For any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support team!

Thank you as always!

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