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Introducing ‘Dragon’s Treasure’: Lunar New Year Sealed Mode Event


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The battles through Sealed Mode take on a mythical tale of cunning meets bravery, where each victory is a step deeper into the dragon’s den where treasure awaits. To seize the Dragon’s Treasure, you’ll need more than luck- good thing you have the abundance of skills and bravery for it.

A Saga of Bravery and Skill

This Lunar New Year, Gods Unchained invites you to welcome the Year of the Dragon with a high-stakes challenge in Sealed Mode from Jan 31 to Feb 14. The scales of the battles in Sealed Mode have never been higher- claim your share of USD 10k worth of GODS now! To get the rewards you seek- wit, skill and bravery you need.

Event Mechanics

  • For Participation: You receive 1 ticket for each entry into Sealed Mode.
  • For Performance: You earn one ticket for each Sealed Mode win.

The Reward

  • 60% Participation Rewards: This portion of the pool is shared among players based on their number of participation tickets.
  • 40% Performance Rewards: This segment is distributed among players who win matches, based on their performance tickets.

Claiming Your Fortune

At the end of the event, your collection of tickets determines your share of the GODS tokens, distributed via a one-time airdrop.

Sealed Mode News:

  • Entry fee is now just 5 GODS.
  • Higher rewards sooner: breakeven at just 4 wins instead of 5.
  • Return to normal card rewards.

Delving into Sealed Mode

Sealed Mode is a unique battlefield in Gods Unchained, where strategy is paramount:

  • Craft Your Deck: Build a 30-card deck from a random 60-card pool, mixing domain-specific and neutral cards.
  • Choose Your God: Start by selecting from 3 randomly assigned gods.
  • Unleash Your Strategy: There are no standard deck rules. Use multiple legendaries and cross-domain cards to your advantage.
  • Increase Your Rewards: The more victories you claim, the greater your rewards in GODS tokens and exclusive packs.

Play Sealed Mode and claim your treasure now.