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Introducing: Genesis Rewards





Greetings mortals! 

Whenever we release a new feature, we invest a lot of time compiling and sending around feedback that our community provides us. 

Sometimes this feedback helps us iterate to a better final product, other times it gives us ideas about things we can add in the future. The point is, we view our community as an indispensable tool for helping influence the direction of the game.

Our goal over time is to find a harmonious balance between community and company driven development. Today we’re releasing a small (but pretty awesome) step in that direction. We want to give you the power to shape the very decisions we make. 

Some might call it wacky, weird, or insane. We call it… Genesis Rewards.   

Genesis Rewards Explained  

The way Genesis Rewards works is pretty straightforward. Hop on over to the Store page and you’ll see something that looks a little like this: 

From today, any time you buy a Genesis pack you’ll be presented with the opportunity to cast your vote in a match-up between two “rewards”, aka. Features or prizes that could be built into the game. 

If the matchup receives enough votes, the winner will then be announced and that feature prioritized for development. But you have to vote fast, before the goals for each matchup expire… if the goal hasn’t been reached in the time period, neither reward will be prioritized. 

Don’t worry. Rewards that lose matchups or expire aren’t gone forever. We still might develop them. But we want to focus on those features the community want first. It's also important to note that players who have purchased packs in the past will still receive the rewards, they just won't be able to retroactively vote.

As you scroll down the Store page you’ll see the countdown for each matchup. This is also where the leaderboard will live with a list of the biggest contributions towards the goal. 

Once the matchup ends, the timer will reset and two new rewards will appear alongside a new goal to reach. 

In addition to directly influencing the release of Gods Unchained game features, Genesis Rewards is also a handy reminder that the countdown to launch is on! 

In one short month, the official marketplace and trading mechanics will open to the global TCG community. This is the home stretch to what is essentially the final opportunity to secure Genesis cards before we close the creation contract and all that remains are cards owned by you.

What Rewards Are Up For Grabs? 

In the interests of suspense, we’re keeping each matchup hush until it’s announced. Luckily for you, the first one has already started… 

Matchup #1: Genesis Game Board vs Increased Weekly Prize-Pools 

In the blue corner we have the Genesis Board: a fully tradable game-board that evolves with your collection! 

Unique to Genesis owners, this board features a dragon and a shiny pile of gold, which grows as you climb the ranks. This means that the Acolyte Board differs from the Priest Board, which differs from the Archon Board and so on. All the way to the coveted Demigod board — a bounty which only 32 players are currently set to receive

Importantly, this is the first time we’re officially announcing that players will be able to select between multiple game boards! 

In the red corner we have something for the true competitors: double weekend competition prizes. 

Yep. Double. Those who rise to the top of the Arena will enjoy twice the spoils! 

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about Genesis Rewards. We can’t wait to see what you nominate. 

When deciding where to go tomorrow, it makes sense to listen to those who got you where you are today. For us, that’s our incredible community. So happy voting! The clock starts now!

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